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Tribal Shroom Cutting

I have always used my body as a medium to expand my mind. I have 21 piercings (all self done with equipment from Huck Spaulding)- 6 on my face, I am a cutter and I use mind-altering substances. I have no tattoos so far but plan to get them as soon as I can, and I had my first scarification experience today. Recently I became close friends with someone and learned that he liked cutting after I had him cut my arm once... well a few times actually for a small experiment with plant growth. Immediately after that I asked him to do my scarification and he agreed. I drew up a design of a tribal shroom that I wanted and that brings me to today. I laid on my bed and he drew and redrew the design on my lower back. Finally it was good enough for his perfectionism and it was time to start. I took a deep breath and felt the blade slice in. The entire shroom design would consist of 7 slices. 2 long (the stem part), 3 medium sized (the top of the cap on both sides and the front of the cap), and 2 short (the underside of the cap). The first two cuts he did were on the top and weren't very deep. Then he did the undersides and front of the cap, these were definitely deep enough and made me squirm and squeal a little. For every cut he adjusted his position, the last two (or so I thought) cuts were the long ones that made them stem, and he ended up kind of laying near me with his leg touching my left side. This helped a lot, because I failed to mention that my friend is very good looking and really wonderful and I like him a lot. Well more than a lot but that's beside the point. The cuts ran down both sides of my spine, they were by far the most painful of them all. The one on the left was first, as he ran the blade down my skin gave resistance and hurt like hell. He did the second then went back and went over them again. I took deep breaths but just had to squirm each time he cut over another cut. The first ones weren't that painful, but the second or third time is death. It was his first time doing this though so I don't blame him for not doing it like a pro. In between each slice or two I would turn my head and he would put his by my shoulder and smile a sexily at me while making lighthearted comments. That helped a lot. After that he broke the news to me that he had to redo the top two because they weren't deep enough. I tried to get out of it and asked if they might show up right and all of that and acted kind of pitiful about it, but he just got a cute grin on his face and told me I was almost done. At first I refused, but I knew eventually they would have to be redone and decided to get it over with then and there. At this point I wish I would have had a video camera seeing what he was doing because really I don't know what the hell went on. It was several slices of hell. He adjusted where he sat L and asked me if I was ready. My reply was "no, stop asking." (He had asked me several times and I kept telling him to just do it. He was being a smart ass and said "ok then, so are you ready?" After goofing around for a minute or two we got back to business. I turned up the volume on my comp.. it was KoRn's first cd. He did the one on the right first. I felt like 3 different agonizing motions, and squirmed on the last one. Apparently the squirm jerked his hand real fast and finished that cut so that was good. Then he started on the second. I made a lot of emphasis on getting it done in one motion and he began again after asking me if I was ready. This one was hell. He made several different cuts, I have no idea what the hell he was doing, and finally I was just like "stop!". He told me to hang on and I kind of freaked out. After he promised me he wouldn't cut anymore I let him touch my back again and he pulled apart the skin a few times, inspected his work, and said it was complete. He mopped up some of the blood and I got up. I got up and twisted in front of the mirror to look at my back. It was bigger than I had originally envisioned it, but looked great. Very bloody, but great.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 April 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: my+friend
Studio: on+my+bed%2C+in+my+room
Location: minneapolis.+minnesota

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