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sorry for his pain

I really don't know where to start with my first and only scarification. I guess it would be when the samalies started to shoot at the helecopters in the first moments of our arrival. Those of you who are not into war wounds leave now.We had first been givin orders to go in by sea, but a some of us know the military cannot be truly accurate in their dicisions. I was part of the invasioinary force of the 2nd of the 75th rangers. October, 1993. Alot of people know about our misfortune on that landing, and I appreciate all of the positive feedback from the people who greeted us on our return home. 25 went in 6 went home. I was one of the six so called heros that had a chance to see america again. To taste moms apple pie. So here we go! Our mission was to free, or liberate the samalies from the military regime that held force over their freedom to vote or to be an individual voice in the polls. Our mission was to go in and keep peace while voting was to be performed or while he embassy was to be evacuated. The samaies started to shot on us in these Toyota pick-up trucks with 60 cal. machineguns. As we were repeling out of the helecopters. I was one of the unfortunate one to see a few of the people I knew die that day. As we were repeling from the helecopters shots were fired and and some of my buddies were hit. As I was seeing this I decided to let go of the rope, and let what happens happen. Well I hit the ground, and turned, I ran, right into a wall. This split me right up the middle of my head. My scar is the most fantastic thing that I have ever seen. I have a permanent part in my hair. A full head of hair I may add. The scar has little bumps throughout and feels as though it has keloided quite a bit. since I haven't seen it in several years due to hair growth. The reason I give my story to you with the title I did was because I have had the unfortunate experience of this kind of scarification. My sorrow is felt for me and all of my buddies in the call of duty. My scar will always remind me of the sacrifice that I made for myself and for my country. Whenever I touch it I relive those days of being with my buddies and knowing what good time we had and may have had together.
I know that this may have been boring for the majority of you to this point but I have concidered getting another cut done. This time it will be of my own choice and of my own picking. Sorry I cannot share the design with you at this time, but you will soon hear about it in my next letter to you. I have not decided whether or not to do it my self or to have a professional do it for me. I know that it would mean more to me if I did it myself, but I'am more concerned with the sanitary part of the whole process. I happen to work for a very prestigious investment corporation in this part of my life, and I would like to keep it that way for now. So any infections would be a bad thing for me. So far I have read most of the BME wires and letters and this has convinced me that cutting is the way to go in my pursuit of total appreciation of my fellow brothers sacrifice of their lives before my eyes. I know in all my truths and lies that this is what I should do to keep the demons away in the many nights thats that they have stolen sleep from me. The healing process for my scar was quick. Due to proper medical care. But I feel that I must give just one piece of me to feel as I would have felt if none of my friends would have died. I know that when they look down on me getting my new scar done in their memory it will tell them that my devotion to duty and to them is forever. Nothing can change the day that I lost my friends, but I can keep there memories alive on my body and let all who see the scars feel the pain of that day when I lost them. I'am a young man. I would like to say one thing to the teens. Stop and think. Keep the chain strong. Don't do something because you feel it is right, RIGHT NOW. Do all you feel because it is right. I'am sorry for his pain. MINE.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: me
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Location: samalia+africa

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