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Mmy first real brand.

Well it all started out as the simple want for a tattoo. At the time it was something silly that I wanted to have done so I'm glad that I wasn't able to get it. I had been cutting myself for a couple years at that point, so I decided that branding couldnt be that much diffrent. So I sat and tried to think of something that I knew I could always look down at my forearm and be pleased with. A clover was what I decided on, three leaf, i have this weird thing about four leaf clovers, because at the time for some odd reason I felt that they were bad luck. I wasn't really educated on scarification, so I gathered up what I thought would be the proper tools and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I didn't know about irritation and how to make the scar come out exactly how I wanted, which was a nice deep purple clover. But of course with time comes knowledge, and I'm sure most fourteen year olds aren't too educated on proper scarification.I used a needle, a candle, and a peice of leather from an old baseball glove so I could hold the needle.

I started to go really quickly with it at first, I thought it would be almost the same as cutting. So I had just planned on drawing out the design quickly and then cleaning it up. I watched the needle get red and make the peice of leather I was holding it with burn and smoke, and I kept trying to think of ways that a red hot needle was similar to a razor. I was ready to start the design, and I got ready to make the first mark, but I got a little apprehensive about it when I saw a red hot needle close to my skin. Well the first mark was a real pain in the ass, and it was indeed completely diffrent than a cut. I hadn't ever burned myself deeply before, so it was really akward and painful at first. The sensation was completely diffrent, and then of course there was the sizzling sound of my skin as it burned. Cutting was more of a gnawing ripping sort of feeling, and the blood always got in the way of what I was doing. So depending on what I was doing at the time that was sometimes an annoyance. If I was cutting because I was depressed then I rather enjoyed the blood, but trying to cut a design through blood was just bothersome. Branding on the other hand was a dull pressure, and a flaring pain over the skin, and there wasnt any of the blood getting in the way of what I was doing. Cutting also involved constant slicing and reslicing so that you knew it was going to scar nice and deep. Branding is definitely my preferance as at least personally I think it has every advantage over cutting. Especially compared to cutting, the procedure was a rather simple process.I had to make a short line, and then get the needle hot again, make another short line, and so on. The whole thing took about 45 minutes to do, seeing as i had to mark it out in such short lines, but I liked the way it looked after I was all done. I hadn't really thought about the healing part of it yet. I poured alcohol onto it after I knew all the burns were done, now that was indeed the most painful part of it all. I screamed rather loudly, and I kicked my tv off the stand, but other than that I was ok. It was scabbed up by the next day, i didnt put anything at all on it except for alcohol, by the third day it was a little infected. It was getting poofy and the skin around the scabbing was reddened, so I decided to try and clean it out better. I didnt really know what to do other than try and get the pus out, which didnt help nearly as much as I had hoped. Overall though id say healing went well, and it was all but done in a couple weeks. It wasa nice dark purple scar at first and then it got more of a white tone after it was completely finished. Two of the lines intersected because of the infection, but it looks basically how i wanted it to. And I'd definitely have to say it looks so much better than that silly band name tattoo I wanted to get, I only say it's silly because I don't like them anymore, not downing anyone elses tattoos. I'm still quite happy with it six years later, and ive done several more since then, and I plan to do more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: In+my+room
Location: Kentucky

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