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Scarifaction Captured In My Film

For those of you that know me, you know i delve into the art of filmaking and made one short film in my life so far. I've wanted scarifacation for as long as i can remember, and one night filming my first movie, "The Slave Garden", i decided to finally let the razor loose. I had the plans on doing it this particular night finally. I wasn't nervous. The worst that could come out of it was that i could cut too deep and get stitches or worst case, cut an artery where i'm sure i would be rushed to the hospital and have it fixed. Either or, i wuld still come out with a nice one somewhere on my flesh. No biggie. My best friend Tamirah and her boyfriend Sebastian drop by the local liqour store for some bottles and head over to my house for a blissful night of drinking and filming. We begin. In the midst of spoken word performances and Tamirah stripping to Motorhead, we were getting pretty drunk and it was time for the next scene. I was more than ready for it. Dying to finally do it acually.

In one scene, there is supposed to be an image of Tamirah's face with 'blood' dripping over it with a series of flashing colored strobes. She suggested fake blood, Sebastian (being the complete and utter toolkit he is), suggested 'ketchup' (of all things). I wasn't having any of it. If it's not real in my films, it's not done. Simply put. Why would i use 'ketchup' or fake blood? To me that was a pussies way out. No, it was to be real, if not only for the look, at least to ease my mind that i didn't make a film full of complete and utter bullshit. Half snapped and in the bag now due to the two quarts of Smirnoff quickly emptying on the kitchen counter, i decided NOW was the perfect time for me to delve into the art of scarifacation. What better way than to do it under the influence and on film yet! (drunk...yes i know, was very stupid). Tamirah strips off all her clothing and kneels nude in front of my naked standing body as i turn around, camera's rolling and smash the razorblade with a hammer, smashing it and taking out the bent blade. Being intoxicated, it never crossed my mind to acually CLEAN the blade, the same one i used to shave earlier that day. Besides that, i had no cleaning products there at the time. (stupid again....i know). The first cuts i made were on my left arm. A big old 'FUCK YOU' spelled out nicely in crimson. The blood drips onto Tamirah's face exactly the way i want it too, dripping off her chin and onto her breasts, running in thick strings down her body. Perfect. I could tell by me standing over her that it would be captured beautifully on film. The second slice was on my chest, on the right side, under my throat. One perfectly curved line straight down my breastplate. Suprisingly, it didn't hurt like i thought it would. The feeling was acually good, not painful like the some stories i hear about scarifacation. The chest cut bleed like you wouldn't believe and is the thickest, nicest scar i have out of the two. (probobly also due to thin blood because of all the alcohol in my system). But hell, i wasn't complaining....my experience was now captured on film in a beautiful bloodletting experience with my beautiful best friend. After this was filmed, Tamirah had an idea. Told Sewbatian to keep the camera rolling and ordered me to lay down on my back. Standing over me, she starts to urinate over my body. OK THIS HURT! Stung like a motherfucker, but i grited my teeth and took it like a bitch. I heard that urine is sterile so i figured 'hell, this will work to clean it'! All in all, it was captured quite nicely on video. Later on in the film, Sebatian ending up taking the razorblade to my chest also in a scene, but unfortunatly not enough to scar. (i think he was scared of cutting too deep..BLAH).

As for the healing process, besides being itchy as hell, it went quite well. No infections etc. I was told by a piercer in Hollywood to pick at it, and reopen it every once in a while to make sure it scars nicely, and i did and it worked great. And surpisingly, it never got infected even though i never used anything to clean it. Ever. The only cleaning it got was when i was in the shower. I know it was idiotic of me to acually NOT clean it, not clean the razorblade, and especially do it under the influence of alcohol, but all in all, i was very happy with my experience. I'm a sucker for blood 9no pun intended), and because of the alcohol thinning my blood, i bled more and made one hell of a scene in my film. My arm 'FUCK YOU' scar is pretty promident, although running into my arm tattoo a bit, but the chest one is my pride and joy. It's beautifully raised and was nice and deep. My future plans are to add three more cuts there to give it that 'been clawed' effect on my chest. I acually perfer scarring over tattooing, although expect to get more of both. To me, scarifacation just means more to me, a way of altering your flesh permantly without the use of ink. Besides that, i think it's the most beautiful and the most original thing one can do to the human body. No one will ever have the same scar as you. When people see my scars (they are very noticable when i wear tank-tops), they usually cringe and say things like "oh my god, how can you do that to yourself!", or "Oww, didn't that hurt?". Some just ask how i got the scars. When i say i did it for a film, i'll either get "your nuts man", or "wow, now that is a man who takes his art seriously!". I perfer the latter. Well thats it for my scarifacation experience. The film i speak about here unfortunatly is not available in Canada due to censorSHIT, i didn't want to chance it being taken at the border because custms are a bunch of pricks. I'll figure something out eventually and i plan on making some mpegs of it for my website when i get it back or when i go back to Hollywood in April. I'll keep you posted. Ill be writing another experience about my first tattoo a little later on as well.

Cheers, Johnny.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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