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My scars

r thought that scarification would be an area of interest for me. I always thought it was beautiful, but I never had the courage to actually go through with it. I knew a few people who had inflicted scars on themeselves in high school because it was the cool thing to do, and I always thought that was wrong. To date, I have 2 brands and about 4 or 5 scars..This is my story..

The first mark I put on my body happened this summer. I have a beautiful ankh charm that I wear around my neck on a chain. I had read many articles on BME and so forth about branding. I don't really like a lot about myself, and I find these scars to be a thing of beauty. I looked at my ankh, and I knew that this needed to be on my body. I locked my door and I got things like alcohol and gauze and a lighter. I of course cleaned everything with alcohol before I began anything. I decided that my canvas would be the area under my bellybutton. I selected an area right in the center, and I began to heat my ankh. I held the ankh with scissors, and I tried a few times to place it on my skin, but I was too nervous. I put Sevendust on and I calmed down. Somehow I managed to put the ankh on my skin and I held it there until I felt it get cool. I looked at my skin and I saw a black ankh. I covered it with gauze and left it alone. Of course I cleaned it later, but I kept it covered a couple days. The blackness would fall away, leaving me with a beautiful ankh that will be there for a while... I love Pantera. Their music has done so so much for me, it has given me strength during some really bad times. Music just has this power. I was thinking about a Pantera tattoo, but I was unsure, so I decided to give myself a CFH cut. I got some alcohol, an old towel and one of those pastel pink razors you can get anywhere. Having learned from my first experience, I put on Pantera's Far Beyond Driven album with "Becoming" and "Slaughtered" on repeat. I took some scissors and I cut the blade out of the razor, then I soaked it in alcohol and I drew CFH on my hip in about almost 1 inch letters. The first cut is something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was pain, but it was a good pain. I finished the C fine, then I decided to work on the H because it was the most complex letter. I had trouble making clean strokes, so I made a few small ones instead of one straight cut. This process hurt more, but it worked better for me. I finished up the H, then I cut the F. I was done! I cleaned up my cut and covered it, but it was hard to sleep. I kept wanting to feel my new scar... It was a few weeks before I was going to go off to college. I had been in a very bad relationship for about a month in a half, and the breakup was awful. This happened months before, but it was still hurting me. One night I was looking through a book and I found a latin phrase "Alis Volat Propriis" that means She Flies With Her Own Wings. I saw that and I knew that had to be on my body too. This was obviously not going to be an easy task, it would be very long, and complicated. I got the same tools, but I prepared two razors instead of one. I drew the design under my ankh burn, it would go across just about all of my stomach it was awesome. I put on Pantera once again, and I began the A. Actaully the first word went by fine, I began the second word, and I started to bleed, a lot. I of course tried to stop the bleeding somewhat and eventaully it slowed down, leaving dried blood dripping off my letters. The last word was painful, but that was because I had been cutting for over an hour and my body had decided that I needed to stop soon. I looked in the mirror and my new cut was beautiful, it was exactly what I needed...It scabbed and everything, and it wasnt too deep, so you can still see the scar now, but very lightly.. Only two more. I follow the same procdure for each, so you get the picture. My next cut came out of frustration with god, and the lack there of. I ripped the crucifx off of a rosary that someone has given me and I heated it with my lighter. I once again used scissors to hold the crucifix in place, but I turned it upside down and placed it on my skin, above my CFH scars. I held it there for a while, till I couldnt stand it anymore. Then I left it alone. My final cut is only 3 days old. I wanted another ankh or some kind of wings on my body, so I decided to cut one on. The bottom part of the ankh came out beautiful, but it is very hard to cut a circular top with razors. This time I used Genitortures to calm me down. The cutting bled a lot again, so I kept wiping the blood up with a towel. Actaully I took a bath right after this cut, and I cleaned the cut with antibacterial soap. It is on the other side of my ankh brand, and it is a little sore still... I believe my markings are beautiful and I love them. I do not think they are mutilation at all, they are art. This is another way to express yourself, there's nothing wrong with them..the devol


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: The+Devol
Studio: My+room
Location: Virginia

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