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XXX Branding and pirecing

I did a branding and a piercing to myselfe! I though about that, when I first visited this page. I read some articles which realz interested me. I enjoyed reading about all the piercing and taroo stuff.. It realy turned me on, to read about all the experiences and emagine what it would llike if I would get one of these. One day I made a decision to try these things out for myselfe! And than bought what I needed: a piece of metal for the branding and some needles. To explain, I am a maso female from germany. I did things like this (but soofter) to me before, so I have some experiences. I sleept very bad the night before I was going to do what I palaned. I went through every step of that day ... everything should go allright. I was very nevous. I cleaned all the stuff with alcohol and undressed me. My body was shaking ... I was afraid and excited at the same time - I didn´t knwo what was up with me ... I never did something so hard to myselve. Well, aftre some time I begann to heated the piece of metal. When it was hot, I toke it and went close to my belly. The heat turned me on. I realy enjoyed it, Than I touched the skin ... it was a awfull pain ... but for some reason if felt good. It just touched my skinf for one sec or so, so I heated the peice again and pressed it realy hard on my skin. I let out a short scream, than I felt so good! I looked at my work in a mirror ... a stright branded line on my belly. Cool. After that I took the neddle and played around with it. It was a short needle, for sewing. II waited until all my pain from the branding was gone. I had to fight with me, it was nor sure, if I rewaly wanted to do what i was going to. Than I pressed the needle through my cunt lip and plaed around with it. I cutted the top of and keept it in my lip for one day. After that I pulled it out and rely was feeling good. I never felt so exciter and satisfied in my whole life! I wanted more, so I looked into my yellow pages for a real piercing studio. I finally found one and phoned it. The woman was nice and we made an appointment. I went there with mixed feelings ... well I did it for mywself the day before, now a stranger is going to do this .... I worried about many many facts. But when I finally reached the studio, all wirries where gone. I went ibn there confident about what i was oding. I choosed two piercings out of a large book and the woman asked me to undress what i immediately did. She disinfected all the stuff and my skin and gave me somthing against the pain which I didn´t took. So she did her job ... I waited and enjoyed it. After a few minutes, bith piercings through my cunt lips were finished and I looked into the mirror. It looked hot and good ... two rings ... so nice. I then dressed again (without panties, LOL, i just was too hot at that time) and left. I love these priecings and I will get some new ones! It feeles great, lookes cool! So only one week later I went there again and I recieved four new intimate piercings!!! Yes! And another two months later, I went for thwo nipple piercings. I also wantedt o get a tatoo on one of my breasts, but I went out of money. But the next moth than I had all the neede money to go and get a tatoo on my left breast. I went for a adifferent studio thistime, which a friend of mine told me to go there. They had some many pictures to choose from ... I wenf for a spiritual picture of some animals and signs. The man (yes, a man this time) did his job very professional. He explained all his equiopment and tried to give me a great time - and he succeded. When the tatoo was finished, I was so proud of my body. I looked so differen ... so complete different. I than went to a clothing shop to buy me a see through shirt which I immediately took on. All the people looked at me, (well, my breasts I assume. LOL) and some grinned at me, even woman did. I will get many more body modifications in future and I wall paste all my experiences here. Please excuse my bad typing, I don´t speak and type englisch very well ... Don´t hesetate, try it! .. .... .... ........ ........ ............. ........... ....... ........ ..... .............. ................. ......... ....... ..... ...... .... ........ ....... ........... ............ ............ ........ ..................


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: ME
Studio: No+idea%2C+sorry
Location: Germany

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