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A submissive's brand

issive's brand I met Raven when I got my first "alternative" piercing three years ago. It was only a tongue piercing, but at the time that was a big deal to me. I was really nervous because at the time I only had my ears pierced (three times each, but still). Raven was really nice to me though and explained everything that she was going to do. I instantly liked her, and since then she has done all of my piercings, which have amounted to the total of nine (not counting the ones in my ears). Not too many, but far more than I thought I would ever have three years ago. But that was before I met Raven, before I went through a steady internal (and somewhat external) metamorphosis. Three years later, with my tongue and navel pierced twice each, both nipples, clit and hood pierced as well, in addition to my newest madison piercing, I was ready to be branded. Though before I tell more of that, perhaps I ought to give a little more background. After my first four piercings (that first tongue, then nipples, and then my clit) Raven and I had developed a great friendship in which we occasionally dated, and hung out. I learned that she was into "BDSM", something that I had developed an interest in before I met her, and it blossomed while with her. She was older than I, by several years (though we were both adults, I'm 22 now, she's a year away from 30), and she taught me a lot about myself. We became more than "just friends that dated on occasion", which is when the added piercings started. I did become her submissive once our relationship grew far more serious, we were nearly inseparable at times. She suggested that I get my navel pierced, which she did for me, of course, in the privacy of her apartment (She's a trained piercer, so I trust her to do it outside of her working enviornment, it's a far more intimate and exciting that way). And then at a later date she pierced my hood as well as my tongue again. I loved it. I really got off on being pierced by her, the way, at times, she'd make me tremble with pleasure before piercing me. I enjoyed it so much, we eventually began playing with needles too, just so I could be pierced in a less permanent way, but still feel the pleasure of having metal run through my skin. Next came the cutting, which I had been involved with (to a lesser degree) before I met Raven. I loved, and still do love. Now back to being branded. We had talked about it a lot first, where it would be, what it would be. We decided on a combination of things, wanting to incorporate more than one method of scarring the body permanently, so that the brand would be more than just a mark burned into my flesh. The brand would be layed out like this, three teflon quarter inch beads arrange in a triangular shape. The space within the triangle left just large enough for her to seer the skin within using the head of a sterilize metal rod. Now, we did discuss that perhaps this ought to be done in steps (on different days) but I really wanted it all done in one day, so that I could feel the combined sensations of the two pains at once (there are certain pains I really love). So, on the day it was to be done, Raven set out all the supplies on a clean metal tray with a sheet of sterile paper beneath it. And she had me remove my shirt and sit in the chair beside the table. I was trembling a little already, a bit of nervousness and excitement mixing together, I felt my skin prickle. The implants were to be inserted above my breast bone, two beads at the higher point, with the central bead nestled between the valley of my breasts. Raven marked each point with a purple marker, making each point just over two inches apart, which was a perfect shape for the decided design. She told me to breathe slow, she could feel the trembles moving through me. She told me that if we were going to do this, I would have to calm down. I closed my eyes, and after a few moments I was calm. I heard Raven's voice, saying that she was going to make the first incision. I nodded and felt her hand touch me, to settle me, and then scalpel's blade touched done. My body quivered inwardly, but outwardly I kept myself calm, the slight sting of the blade feeling pleasant, and only just barely throbbing. After having experienced in the past begin cut with many other objects, this scalpel incision was "nothing". I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, Raven had positioned, so I could watch her work. I watched as she opened a small pocket under my skin, just south of the incision, this part hurt and I gritted my teeth a little. Raven smiled and paused to kiss my cheek and reassure me, but soon continued. The first fourth inch teflon bead was lifted and tucked within the wound, pressed down into the pocket beneath my skin, I hissed, but told her to continue. Despite my displays of discomfort I really did want this. That small incision was sealed with a suture strip (tape), as were the next three. (I don't scar much at all, and had asked Raven to do three different small incisions, rather than one incision with a lot of tunneling beneath my skin. Besides, with one large tunnel, Raven said that the beads could easily lose position and shift as it healed.) With those three done, Raven cleaned up a bit, cleansing the areas over, because there was blood. Not as much as I thought there might be, but enough to make my flesh rosy, of course the "irritation" of having something slipped beneath my flesh accounted for that as well. Raven let me rest for a bit, at which time she helped me relax. Though exactly how is unncessarily to go into here. chuckles But needless to say that I did feel more relaxed afterward, though the throbbing pain didn't subside one bit. But I was ready for the next part of my brand. Ready to be made further hers. Raven again marked out the design on my flesh, the symbol of the planet Mercury, which is the "ruling planet" of both Raven and I (we're into astrology, obviously). In the flame of a small blow-type torch, Raven heated the head of a metal rod, with a diameter of an eight an inch. Small enough so that she could finish the brand within the "upside down" triangle the beads created. When the tip was glowing hot, she brought it's red point to my skin, touching it lightly at first and then pressing the tip against me a bit longer. I could feel my flesh burn beneath it, and moaned out. I had been burned in the passed before, but not this long, and not just after the skin about the area had only just recently been modified. Again I closed my eyes as she took the rod away. And I nearly chickened out of the rest. But Raven asked me to open my eyes. I did, and want I saw in the mirror, the trio of bumps under my skin, the single burned mark within those beads of flesh, made me shiver, even in my state of pain. I wished for her to continue. Between each touch to my flesh, she reheated the rod's point, making sure it was very hot before touching it to me again. My skin throbbed, reddened, and bubbled just a bit, and by the time it was over, my mind was dizzy, my temples throbbed along with my chest. I ached terribly where the brand was located, and then pain spread out through my body, my breathing was deep. I barely remember Raven cleaning up and putting everything away, but I do remember her holding me, my shirt remaining off, I didn't even want to think about anything touching my very sensitive breast bone. She held me, played with me some, to take my mind off things.. and soon I calmed again, and popped a few aspirins, which didn't honestly help much, but made things easier. Over the next couple days the burns looked worse, filled with fluid, but then began to heal, the incisions of the implants healed too, though they were kept covered still until fully healed, as we didn't want the wounds to reopen. Today I am completely healed and very pleased with the way the entire brand worked out. The scarring of the Mercury symbol is lighter than we would have liked (As I said earlier, I don't scar well), so we are considering doing something additional to that area to highlight the scar. And I'm actually thinking of being branded again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Raven
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Location: Connecticut

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