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Princess Angelfish

months ago, sometime mid-summer, I came to the conclusion that I would like my meager collection of body mods (not for long!:)) to include a brand(currently I have this brand I am explaining, two 12g nipple piercings, a few 10g in my ears, and I will soon acquire either a tatt gun scarring, a brand, or a plain old tattoo of angel wings--email me to tell me which one you think I should get!).......of what, I wasn't quite sure yet........and, there were a few problems standing in the way of my little endeavor....mainly, the fact that I was freshly turned fifteen, a bit to young to have a piece done professionally. So I concluded the obvious: I was gonna do this shit myself. So, one morning, I was home alone, about an hour before a couple of friends were supposed to drop by and pick me up so we could go do random stuff. I gathered my materials: a new razor blade, a big glass of ice, a towel (no blood stains for my carpet), and my ever-present handy-dandy wood burner.(it has broken since--:( but if anyone feels like sending me a new one for christmas......:)) I plugged in the wood burner, and while I was waiting for it to heat up, I realized I hadn't determined what I wished to inflict on myself yet, as far as design........So I settled on the first thing that came to mind...... I have a very good friend, by name of Kate........actually, her nickname is princess angelfish..........we're practically siamese twins, and if you see us NOT together at sometime during the day, you might as well go ahead and ask how the other one died. Anyways, so I desided to brand my self with the name "princess angelfish". (around my ankle--the most easily accessed body part for such an activity....:)) I found a pen laying around, wrote the phrase in 1-inch block letters around my ankle, and iced the first letter suffeciently...........(primitive numbing procedures........ack.......) at first, i tried scarring them with a razor first, but I didn't thinkthat was doing much good, so I resorted to using solely the wood burner.........at first, I focused on going over each area as many times as possible to make sure I got it thoroughly........however, I soon figured out that it worked alot better to just get in one or two good, clean strokes for each line.......eventually, the technique was going so smoothly that I forgot about the ice and indulged in a little bit of pain for the last half or so.......i continued, and right as I was finishing the 'h' in 'fish', the doorbell rang--BeL and Nick were there to pick me up!! yeah....... so I threw on a pair of pants, shoes, (no socks!!) and went with them......we ended up going to wal-mart for nick's hair dye, running into John and Travis, and going over to John's........while we were there (the scar wasn't hurting yet--i couldn't feel anything in it, actually, except for this wierd cooling sensation.....) i pulled up my pants leg to show BeL that I had actually shaved my legs the night before gasp , somewhat forgetting about my little burn until I heard an "oh my god!! what the hell is on your leg?!" from BeL.........oops........ After about a week, it had scabbed nicely.......very sore, though, I liimped everywhere.....:) I told mom it was a bad shaving cut....... The most annoying part was having to peel my socks off of my ankle everyday........... I avoided showing my parental people quite well, until one time, when I had been gone for a week or so.......I had gotten spoiled being around nice people, wearing no shoes and short pants......so i was laying on a chair on the porch with mom and her friend, when her (STUPID) friend suddenly exclaims "what happened to you leg?" in a somewhat pitying tone......I was mentally kicking my own ass at this point.....mom came over to take a look.......ugh, i haven't seen a look that nasty in awhile......mom has this shitty mantra--"people who disrespect thier bodies get disrespected." Wonderfully nurturing environment for a person aspiring to be a body artist for a living....... anyways, I somehow miraculously managed to get my butt out of any form of trouble, and I ended up with this nice scar to show everyone, .....it's healed quuite nicely for a primitve self-done thingy, and even though it looks bad quality-wise, i love it, the aesthetics aren't secessarily the point of this sort of thing for me........and Kate likes it......I noticed the other day that she has the first two letters of my name on her left hand.....:) Well, that's my story........Soon, though, I am planning on getting angel wings on my back, big ones.....but I don't know in what 'medium', tattoo scarring, tattoo, or brand............I'd appreciate it if you'd email me and let me know your opinion.......:) Later kids --Justa


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: I+did+it+%3A%29
Studio: In+a+dark+corner+of+my+bedroom%2C+underneath+a+table.
Location: Hermiston%2C+Oregon

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