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Pain-Orgasm (a branding-story)

rtant: I am no native English-speaker. So I apologize for possibly mis-chosen words. I did my best to express my experiences. I am from Germany and stumbled over BME while surfing in the Net. Why you will not see any pictures of my branding:

The symbolic meaning of my branding is really important for me, as it is an expression of my beliefs and ideals. I hope you will understand... How I got that idea of getting branded? About one year ago, in December 1998, I was in a "philosophic" state of mind. I wrote down texts, ideas and poems. I thought about my Ideals and Principles. While doing so, I got the Idea of transforming my thoughts into Pictures and having them tattooed. But just in this time, I found an article about branding. First, this article shocked a little, but nonetheless the imagination of getting branded impressed me. Finally, I made the decision : I will get branded The basic motif itself was fixed in my mind, but I was uncertain about the exact design and size. In spring 1999 I offered my plan to my Pen-Girlfriend and later Girlfriend, of getting branded. At this time, the motif was just a little pictogram. In an advertisement in the "Taetowiermagazin" (a German magazine about tattoos) I recognized, that the people of SIN-A-MATIC would have a presentation at the "Tattoo-Convention Frankfurt". I already knew, that these people are absolute professionals and, most important, they do Brandings. So I rang them up some days before the convention and announced myself to visit them. My brander was really excited of my motif and it's placement. He himself, or better his excitement encouraged me to allow my tiny motif to grow in size...And it grew enormously. We decided to do the creation of the Design via fax and phone and have an appointment for the branding in summer during my holiday. End of July, there was no turning back any more. The motif was ready, the day was fixed and I was on holiday... The Night before, I slept "a little" uneasy. Luckily, this Uneasiness vanished during my drive to the Studio. But it came back very quickly as we got up to do it. First, we adapted the motif to my body. My brander did it really conscientious, to avoid an oblique placement, which would make the branding quite ridiculous. By this calm, careful procedure of adaptation my uneasiness changed into calmness. Finally the contours got where they belong to, right on my Chest. We stepped up to the Branding... The mood was very relaxed, with incense, meditation-music, a calm respectful talk about the ritual. My absolute respect to my brander! Describing the act of branding by the terms of words is almost impossible. It's the absolute frenzy! A trip! An ecstatic feeling! I'm unable to express these feelings faithfully. Probably "Pain-Orgasm" is the appropriate word for it. My girl-friend asked, which is better, an orgasm or getting branded. Well, it is not the same, but getting branded really is an ecstatic feeling. Every time, when the red-hot steel hit my skin, I got the feeling of something in my head blowing out. I felt with my entire body! You have to have experienced this yourself, to be able to understand what I mean. I sweat at parts of my body, I did not even know that there are sweat-pores! The Ritual itself took two and a half hours and I beared some more than 80 strikes. The rest of this day and the day after, I was completely high. I was really glad to have taken holiday! The high-feeling stopped at the third day and I felt how much Strength this Ritual demanded from my body. I slept a lot and did almost nothing during day-time for the following week. Now, everything healed up very fine and looks really great! ...And, I want more... ...Branding is an addiction! Some additional information, that might be of interest: If asked, I would say getting branded in Summer is better than getting your branding in winter. Why so? Well, my Brander said to me, that the sunlight would support the skin in building well-visible scar-tissue. And, also very useful, would reduce this feeling of your skin stretching an itching. An Advice you should consider! My branding-scars got really dark. Now, in winter they lightened up, but the next summer will come, anyway. Something different: To make the dead skin-tissue on the fresh branding-scars a little smoother and to prevent it from drying out, I used Aloe-Vera-Gel (100%). This Gel is marvelous! But use it very very carefully! Don't let your scars drown in Gel! One morning, I got up and recognized that all the scars were glued to my t-shirt. What a mess, I can say. It took 45 minutes an lots of warm water to get my shirt off the branding. Never pull of the scurf with force!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: Oli+Neuhard
Location: Nuernberg%2FFuerth%2C+Germany

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