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Low-Tech Branding

il today, i didn't know taht there was a web site for this kinda thing. I think i have probably looked at every picture on here and now I feel like a fool. I didn't know of all these different ways that people were scaring themselves. Kinda makes my experience seem neanderthalic. Well, this is my experience into the word of pain, although you may think it is a weak story.
Ok, here is my story. It may not be that good, but it is all that i have. About 4 or 5 years ago, alot of my friends were in gangs and I had noticed that they were all branded with a certain brand for each gang. I thought that was a really cool idea and look, so i decided to try it. To avoid the pressure of being asked to join a gang by asking them how they did it, i decided that i could figure it out on my own. My parents were pretty strick and I knew that they would flip i the saw it or new that i was going to do it. I decided that I would have to find a quiet place that I could spend alot of time in that they would not think that anything was going on... for that reason, i took over the bathroom. As a place that most people tend to spend alot of time in, I knew that I would be ok. I had thought of many ways of doing it like using a hot ass coat hanger or other peice of metal. I decided (here come the Low-tech part) to use a dinner fork from my Mom's kithen set. I bent the prongs of the fork into the design that I wanted, which took a lot of effort!( have you ever tried to bend fork prongs into a shape?) Then I wrapped the handle of the fork in a towel (so it would not get hot!) I lit a candle and helf the fork prongs over it for a minute or two. The prongs were just starting to turn red and then i did it. I put a bath towel that was rolled up into my mouth to bite down on and pressed the fork against my left shoulder! Let me say that it was painful and that i bite the towel so hard that my teeth were bleeding. I think that i left the fork against my arm too long, because it was slightly stuck to my arm, but i pulled it off and there it was. My Mom saw it shortly after i took the bandage off, and asked what had happened so I did what almost all young people would have done.. I lied my ass off. I told her that I was at work and that I bumped up against the grill or something like that ( I worked at a rest.) She didn't buy that story, so a couple of days later, she asked again and that time I told her that there were four of us at work that made a bet and since we lost, three of us had to do it! Sounded good, she bought it! UNTIL she found the fork.. (hehe, I am soo dumb) in the trash can. Then the truth came out and she was pretty upset, but there was nothing that she could do except make me cover it up. So i did, but as soon as i would leave the house, it got uncovered and I was showing it off!! Like i said, it has been proably close to 5 years now and it is still there and still has a pink color to it although one of the lines has seemed to fade a little. I now have a Wrapped Tattoo just a few inches under it that goes ALL the way around. also have a total of 11 piercings including my tongue. Well that is my primative experince with branding! Hope I didn't bore you to death! I am reduced to only wearing my rings on the weekend and keeping the tat and scar covered up all week because of going to college to become a police officer, but i still love it when people look at me and say.. damn that must have hurt, but i tell them that i love it and that it was well worth it! Now i am having to find things to talk about because this is not long enough! Let me get a personel plug in.. I am looking for a female in Ohio about 18-30 with genital peircing to try out. Never had that experience, but would love to.. anyone out there, eMail me and we can talk about it! Thanks for reading! @~~~~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: Self
Studio: In+My+BathRoom
Location: Ohio

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