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Power drill scarification

always wanted some form of scarification on my body. Since I come from a preppy family, my parens would never let me. So when I went to prep school I began to experiment. I brought along a power drill and some straight razor blades to boarding school. I got to school and was free. I experimented with many things. I began to use some drugs, starting with chewing tobacco, then moving to marijuana. I wanted to soon try something else - the scarring I saw on BME had intrigued me for a long time. The straight razors were perfect to start, even though they weren't sterile. What the hell, I thought. Pressing hard, I made a square on my chest with the straight razors. They bled for a while, but closed up after a few hours. I picked at this for a week or so, and the result is quite good. I have a primitive-looking sqwuare on my left pec - I love it. I feel i'm in control of my body. Next, I knew that the power drill and I had some free time to concentrate. I had a large bit made of titanium, to be used for drilling cinder blocks to mount speakers in my dorm room. I wondered where i shoudl make circular scars on my body. I felt that it would be very nice to have scarification around my upper arms and around my ankles. so, off I went, with three hours of free time. I locked my door and went to work. I started with my left arm, almost at my shoulder. Pressing hard and putting the drill bit on a slant, I pulled the trigger on the drill. the bit went quickly into my arm. i reversed the drill and the bit came out. The inital pain was intense, but adrenaline made it better as the whoel ordeal went on. It was fun, I felt that i was getting somewhere. I was going against tradition, I felt really in touch with myself. It is a feeling that you can't experience until you do it yourself. I made 9 marks on each arm this way. They bled for days, and I used ace bandages from the trainer's office to slow the bleeding. I did only the arms that day. The pain was pretty intense, but adremaline kicked in after a few holes. The hole started about 4 mm wide and the scar was nice, about 2.5 mm wide. Remember there were 9 holes going around, like a band around my arms. I was very satisfied. It took about 2 weeks for healing. I think that picking the scabs helps. I tried to colro the scabs in with a permanent marker after picking the scab, but the colro never stayed. I really want a real tattoo. I full backpiece, tribal patters, perhaps. I think it would be cool to have my whole body be scaled. Or maybe just tell a tattoo artist that he has complete freedom to do whatever he wants on my body, and that i'll just pay at the end of it. I guess it would take a few days for an artist to cover my whoel body. for the ankles, I wanted more. I decided I wanted color on these marks. I stole some red ink from an art classroom and applied it to the drill bit and used it on my ankle. The color stayed, but not satisfactorily. Again, 9 or 10 holes per ankle. After threee weeks or so, they were healed. If anyone has overbearing parents, this is a fun and self satisfying thing to do. Infection is a risk, but it was fun and i felt very in control of myself. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest. Now, 6 weeks after the ankes, the color is staying as it was a little while after the work. It's great. I hope to get into genital tattoos and piercing. some of the pictures here are a real turn on. I would love a large guage ampallang and guiche. I wonder if I can do it myself. I turn 18 in a few weeks, so my parents will have nothing to do with my decisions - oh, too bad :-). I think the ampallang and guice will be my first acts of complete freedom from my parents. I want eventually to get into suspensions and bigtime tattoing. Having being brought up in a uppper-middle class tradition in suburbia (scarsdale, ny), I want to be different. I think if I come back from the city one day with large guage ear piecings, a septul, a few labrets, a nape tattoo, and maybe some facial tattoos, I would serisously piss off the parents. Isn't that what they're for anyway? I want to someday be completely covered in ink. Like enigma, he's a real role model for me. Enigma, if you are reading this, please email me. I'd love to get to know you a bit.

Over and out If anyone has questins, please email me


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: Dorm+room
Location: CT

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