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my star scar

es my story. I had been wanting a star tattoo on the inside of my fore arm for about 2 years, but being a yungin like i am I cannot get it done without my parents kicking my booty. sooo I was sitting at home pretty bored one day and decided if i can't tattoo it y not cut it in? I had never heard of anybody doing this(I found bme lata)and didn't really know how to go about doing it,so i took my best guess... I drew the star i wanted on my arm with a pen, and being as stupid as I could possibly be about it, took a needle and started scraping away at the different angles till I began to bleed. This wasn't so bad cuz after a while the pain just numbs you and it becomes an experience rather than just and overwhelming feeling of pain. After I had gone over the whole thing about five times, it didn't look like it would leave a mark (duh)...so I decided I would burn the cuts, and that way I was sure I would scar up nice and good... I really didn't know anything about branding, and had once again never heard of people gettin branded either. So I took the needle I had been cuting with and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol. Then I cleaned my cuts too(oww!!!) I lit a candle turned on fionna apple (my only soothing cd, the same one I use for all of my self done peircings, kind of puts me in the mood). Next I heated the needles in the candle and just shoved that burning metal right into the cuts,lemme tell u this hurt like a bitch!! The whole time I was doing this I just thought about how much this is something I wanted. That thought kept me going throughout the whole process.
About half way through I realized I was buring past the lines that I wanted to make. Then I thought, ding! paperclip! I found a aperclip, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and bent it to fit the lengthes I wanted to burn, and that ended up working much better. I did three strikes for each line, cleaning the paperclip between each one on a tissue soaked with rubbing alcohol next to me. I did this in the summer, and hiding the scabs from my parents was really hard(I knew they'd think I was phsyco if they saw it). I had to wear long sleeves ALL THE TIME. This was a pain, especially because this was during the summer. When they finally found out it was after a soccer game and I just couldn't take my hoodie anymore, so I took it off in the car. Maybe if I would have learned to drive correctly I would never have gotton caught, but I always drive with my hands on the bottom of the steering wheel, wrists up. My mom saw it and freaked, I'm sure it was something she never thought she'd have to deal with. She didn't say anything really, and later my dad just said that they're not going to tolerate anymore behavior like that. I was like oh well, I had what i wanted, and if I want more I'll just hide it better. hehe well i ended up with an inward scar and cut it again about 3 months later, and one on my other arm. After browsing the web for peircing info, I found sites about scarification and branding, which helped me do it alot better the second time. I also learned more about aftercare and tips to help scaring and healing. Well I read that alcohol will irritate it and cause it to scar. I decided this was a better route to go than infecting it on purpose, since I also read that when its infected the scars will spread where you don't want them to, and the scars will be uneven. So everytime I took a shower, about every other day, I would scrub the scabs of with a tooth brush and put alcohol on the re-opened wounds. I was so sure this would help me scar better, but surprise, my scar is less noticable then it was before, and the other is barely there. they both healed with indented scars again, but theres is like no color to them at all. The fact that my scars suck might be the placement, or the fact that I'm so pale, that they don't look how I want them to. IF ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE YOUSELF SCAR WELL write me please, I'd appreciate it. Hey i'd do it for u. The third time around I plan on branding again, I enjoyed that more for some reason,(i'm dtermined to get a good scar!). I like scaring alot, its a settle addition to urself, and I don't seem to mind the process and aftercare as much as peicring. If u wanna do it, do it, "juss be sterile!" I know everybody hears that all the time, but for real, do, haha. final thoughts from me... When I was done, I was just like wow, I can't beleive I did something like that to myself so spontaniously. But now even a year later I still love them. Everytime I look at them it makes me feel like my own person. It's something I did thats all my own, it was my idea to do it to myself, I went through the process with only myself, and now it's only mine. It's a symbol of me, just for me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Scarification

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