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Piercing and cutting myself

always had an interest in the unusual. From being about 6 or 7, I used to tell my mum that I wanted spiky hair and earrings, like the punks I used to see. Although I never got the spiky hair, I did end up with the other half of my wish. When I hit college, I began to get pierced, starting with the usual stuff, ears and nose. The guy who used to pierce me was really interesting, and I began to crave more and more piercings. The thing is, I didn't really want someone else carrying them out. I remember clearly my first self piercing. I sent off for some equipment, clamps, circlip pliers, 1.6mm bcrs and medicut needles. I had seen a couple of pircings being performed, and so I set about myself with the clamps. In a day, I had a navel ring and each nipple pierced. Piercing my own nipples hurt like hell, but gave me a taste of what I liked. I rememeber seeing the needle enter my skin in my navel piercing, and force it's way out through the other side. At the time, I did wonder if I hadn't gone a little far on myself, but at 18 or 19, I think that you can be quite short sighted. I was first tattood at age 20, which was a landmark in my life. I had a design put at the top of my right arm,( which has now grown and spread down my arm, up my shoulder, and across my back). It amazes me to see the developement in attitudes within myself as I have become more extreme in my modification. I remember not wanting tatoos under my t shirt line, so I could hide them if need be, and now I have long visible scars on my arms for all to see. Over time since then, I have further pierced myself, both with numerous surface piercings and recently a PA. Doing th PA left me incredibly sensitive for about 2 weeks. I mean really turned on sensitive. It was one of the more enlightening aspects of piercing I had come (sic) across. The surface piercings really bring me to what I wanted to write about. The first surface piercing I did was through a tattoo on my left arm. It's an arm band, and as the piercing grew out thourgh my skin, I loved the red scar that it left. with a small amount of skin left to grow through, I tore out the barbell and that was the final thing that led me to scarification. People have given many reasons for my scars, and I am never ashamed to show them, of discuss them. My wife had very complex open heart surgery last year, which gave her a 11" scar down her chest, which she hates but I love. The first cutting I did was around the same tattoo as the surface piercing. I was working away from home, and was in a hotel room for a month, which gave me a lot of time to contemplate my thoughts about scarring. I bought a craft knife scalpel set from an Art shop, and when I got back to the hotel, I ran a bath of water. I lay in the bath and thought for a while, and then took the knife and ran it as deep as I felt I could, on a three inch path around my tattoo. the wound gaped for a second, and then the blood began to flow into my bathwater. I watched the way it dispersed in the water, tinting it, before again running the blade around my tattoo. I did this seven times that night, each time watching my blood run into the water. I wrapped my arm in tissue paper that night, and when I woke in the morning, I found a huge part of the bed sheet attatched to my arm with congealed blood. I cleaned my arm up, and took notice of the healing process. Since then, I have covered the left side of my chest with about eight cuttings of various sizes and shapes. Some long and deep, some short and with a plucked effect. I've tried to keep them shaped to a natural body shape, so each individual scar flows with the rest, and I've been told that it almost looks like a shoal of fish swimming accross my chest. I stopped using the scalpel, and went on to use razor blades, which give a cleaner cut, and better, more raised scar. I cut through my left nipple, which was a crowning moment for me. I felt I have attained something that would probably sicken some people, but to me meant I had got to a point where I wasn't going to go back. I had hit a nerve (pardon the pun) with some people, and broken, an all be it small, taboo. I have plans, with my next deep cuttings to implant some bcr's in my arm and chest, maybe one behind my nipple, and I have recently begun to experiment with heat too. I'm going to brand myself in between the scars on my chest, and possibly accross the back of my hands and wrists. Anyway, hope some of you can relate to my experiences, Many regards, jp


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: myself
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Location: UK

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