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Slave Cutting

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I have been a slave and kept by my wife for 5 years now. We have done alot when it comes to SM, but the last few weeks has been a whole new world. The culmination was my undergoing a cutting.

I had heard about this and even seen it on your site and in person. I had never considered it something I would do or even want! But, as usual, I did not have much say in this. My Mistress wanted me to wear her mark, it consists of a "T", with a whip wrapped around it. She decided it would look best on my chest just over the left side. (it would be close to my heart so I would always be aware of it). The person who performd this procedure was a friend of ours who has done many of these cuttings over the last 10 years. He was very experienced and had a very sterile and hospital like area set up in his home.It looked like a hospital room. In the center was a stainless steel table with straps. Along the borders of the room were many cabinets with all types of medical supplies. a big surgical light hung over the table and illuminted the room with a strong glow. He was dressed in all white with a mask on his face.

It was decided that the procedure would be done on 2 separate visits in order to allow part of the cutting to heal before the other part was started. On the assigned day I was very scared and excited!! My Mistress informed me that she wanted me to be very obedient and to not show any fear at what was going to happen.We went to his home in LA. I was instructed to remove all of my clothes when we entered the room. he inspected me thoroughly (my Mistress wanted a very medical scene). I was probed and proded in every orofice and then lay on a table. It was cold and hard.

It was cold and I was scared! My Mistress secured me so I would not move around. The area to be cut was disinfected with betadine and alcohol.

Then the design was transfered to the skin using stick antipersperant and a drawing done in ink. At this point I was starting to become excited about doing it. Unfortunately that feeling did not last very long.

Next, I saw him come at me with a scalpel. God, I was worried. He told me stay still and the cutting began. It is difficult to relate the feeling. It burned, yet was not constant or immediate. He was very skilled and was very fast. I would have to say that the pain was bearable yet very irritating. My Mistress was helping me through it by having a finger hoooked through my PA and was also occasionally stroking my penis. Without this I don't know if I could have done it.

Once the design was complete he washed the area with bactine and then the next thing surprised me. He put a piece of paper towel over the cutting and slammed his hand down on it. God that hurt!! When he removed the paper, and a perfect copy of the cutting was transferred in blood. This now hangs in a frame in our house(how is that for art?).

Three days later I returned for the second half of the design. The procedure was repeated and then the design was complete. It was very difficult to get my self prepared for this second round. Especially after already knowing what to expect. But, I made it through with some coaxing by my Mistress.

I was instructed to scrub off the scab in the shower in order to make the design scar. This was not painful. It just prolonged the healing until it became a pink-white design on my chest.

So far things look great, I love the way it looks and so does my Mistress. She is planning to have me get another cutting soon. This time across my back.

I recommend that anyone who decides to get this done, make sure the "cutter" is experienced and knows what he/she is doing. The potential for damage is there if the procedure is not done right. It can be a wonderful addition to other body modifications or just by itself.

I hope all of your readers enjoy this. Keep up the great work on the site.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Scarification

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