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Olie's BodMods And How They Changed Her Life

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Hello all! I am Olie, the proud owner of one and a half brands and a nosering. All these things changed my life, and me, and if you have a little time to kill, I'll tell you how. Here's how:

My first BodMod was a brand, and it is on my left arm, on the fleshy part of my forearm. It is a picture of a Hopi-Indian Spirit playing a flute. I did it myself roughly about three years ago, and I did it free hand. Idiot me, but it turned out okay. Sort-of. The back is a little crooked, but otherwise it is okay. It is almost completely faded now, and I have to point it out to people if I want them to notice it. When I did it, I knew relatively little about branding. All I knew was that I had to get the twisted mettle hot, and then apply it to my skin until what I wanted was burned in. I also had some training and experiance in the medical industry, so I knew how to take care of the burn afterwards. In the middle of the night I huddled over my bed with my little candle and twisted paper clip and went to work. Piece by little peice, I got it done in around two hours. Yes, I know you're probably shocked. TWO HOURS!?!?! Why the hell two hours? Well, it's because of this: I am a wus. The biggest wus I ever knew. I'm not too fond of pain, no matter how small. That paper clip never even got close to red hot. When I showed off my handy work, people thought I was crazy. Trips to the therapist increased.

My secound BodMod was another brand. Sort-of. It's only half finished. It's a pentagram on my inner right ankle. It's very beautiful, even though it's not quite done. The star in the middle is finished, but there is barely a trace of the circle. And why isn't it finished? Like I mentioned before; I am a wus. I can only take it so far at a time. I hope to get up the nerve to finish it soon; it really is a fun experiance.

And what did I learn from these 'Mods? From the first, I realized the potential of what I could do, and got a taste of what was to come. Brands became a definate possibilty for defining my uniqueness. From the secound, I became aware of the benefits of meditation. When I meditated before completing another piece of the pentagram, I could withstand a higher level of pain, which meant my brand would be done quicker and be more well defined. It was also a very spriritual experiance for me. Meditating daily heightened my intuition and other latent 'psychic' abilities of mine.

My third BodMod is not really a BodMod, but it is so important to me that I just had to tell you about it. Yes, the nose ring is fake. But I hope to make it real soon enough. It's a silver ring with a silver bead, and I wear it in my left nostril. When I actually have my nose pierced, I will wear a plain gold ring.

And what exactly did I get from the nose ring? Well, for all of my life before I purchased my little fakie, I was a total sociaphobic. I get panic attacks when I go through crowded places. But to give you an example of exactly what happened, here is a little story for you:

It was Monday. Grandfather (to whom I had never been close, and not to be crude but I must say he serves us better dead) had gone beyond. At least, I think it was monday. The wake was Tuesday. The room where the stiff was displayed was FILLED with people. I couldn't even approach the room without my chest tightening and breathing becoming next to impossible. It WAS impossible to enter the room. That night, the NOSE RING happened. The next day, Wednesday, was the actual funeral. I was able to hold my head high in a churchful of people and even - wonder of wonders! - greet a few of them! Every frown I had recievec for always going barefoot, for my brands, my choice of clothing, my lifestyle, all of them had hurt to some degree (I'm very sensitive). But if I recieved any frowns for the nose ring, and I know I must of, at least from my family, I either didn't notice or didn't give a damn. What a change! A nose ring will soon become a trademark of my appearance, and with gladness I will make it so.

And so ends The Tale of Olie's BodMods. For now. No doubt there will be a secound chapter somewhere in the future.

And for a final word, just because I don't know when to shut up: I find my choice and preferance in BodMods curious. Have you ever noticed that a first 'Mod is usually getting the ear/s pierced? I don't think I ever will have mine pierced; I never really cared to have it done. It's just not me. But I am perfectly willing to get little golden rings in my nose and nipples(nipples are another story for another time:), and burns in my skin. I don't think I will ever get a tattoo either, and definatley not a cutting(on account of my wusiness). I might be the only one who thinks it strange, but oh well.

A very merry Adieu from Olie.

For those who wish to e-mail me with their rants and ravings (although I am sensitive, I do usually take pleasure in reading a little hate-email, but happy mail i prefered:) you can reach me at [email protected] Please be specific about what you're emailing about, or I'll trash you. For a that I lack a life, I still am busy and can't waste TOO much time.........:)


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on: 15 June 1999
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