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Brand new brand...

ObBodMod: Mabey it's part of my mod withdrawl symptoms, but I have had this unitchable itch to get modded. Mabey that and the shortage on the cash flow latley (and the fact that I've always wanted to mod myself, just never had the nerve). Whatever the case maybe, I got a branding last night - by me. One question first off, by definition - because I am not an arteest...is this not art and mutilation? I'm serious, what do people think about self mods?

On with the show... I've been working my ass off latley here at work, which means long hours, sometimes by myself. Last night was one of those nights, I was just about wrapping it up. I was fixing the female, 12volt power supply connection on an external modem and I was using our schnazzy, new, soldering iron to do it.

Well, being a little careless I accidently touched the end of the iron with the back of me hand. It immediatley (obviously) turned the skin red and was going to leave a small mark. And instead of the reaction I think would have been from most people, (go get some ice - damn that hurt - shit, it's gonna leave a mark) I thought, "Hey, I wonder where else I could do that?".

So after a few moments thought about what branding I've been wanting, I decided to go for it. I marked off the outside of my forearm...from elbow to wrist about every 2 inches, a small dot - 5 of them in line with each other. I decided to test out the iron on the inside of my forearm with 3 dots, inline with the middle dot a little higher. I took a deep breath, took the point of the iron and 'dipped' it quickly once on each spot. That kind of deadned the senses a bit so I was next able to push the iron in and hold it for about 7 seconds or so.

It left 3 fairly deep dots, looked neat. It was painful, but I was feeling good. So, I went for the actual design. The premise was the same, but I wanted bigger diameter marks. So, I started with just 'dotting' each them, then moved into a circular motion creating the 5 brands each about 1/4 inch in diameter. All in all I worked on my arm for about 45 min. Taking short 'breathers' in between each strike. It was pretty amazing, what a rush I had when I left here, I coulda ran a marathon!

Well, now I have the 3 brands on the inside on me arm and the 5 bigger ones running down my arm to my wrist. They look great, I'm really happy with them, but I might need to go over them once more once they are healed - as I don't keloid very well.

Well - we'll see...thanks fer listening,


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Scarification

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