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Penis branding!

Well, since I talked to you last, I was playing around with a meatotomy, and later moving on to a head splitting. I ran into some serious problems, well to me at least. I was making a cut in the head splitting, and started bleeding pretty badly. eventually it stopped, but I decided that I would go no further with my head splitting.

I now needed something else to do to my penis, so I thought about some home tattooing of the head. I would take some of that Oragel, or the stuff that makes sore teeth numb, and rub it on the area of the head that I would be tattooing. I waited till it was numb, rubbed the Oragel off, and got ready. The way I did it was to place some India ink on the head, and then with a fast pace, jab the needle in and out of the head making sure not to go to deep. This pushed the ink under the skin, except it was impossible to make a design. now I just have some black marks on the head of my penis.

This was an ok mod for me, but I wanted to do something different. I have always been iunteres4ed in branding the head of my penis for some reason, and during the last update, I saw the man who had the G branded on the center of his penis head. Well, I knew that this was going to be my next modification. Since my name starts with an M, I decided that this is the letter that I would put in the center of my head.

Top get ready, I put some more of the Oragel on the area to numb it.
While it was taking effect, I took a steel paper clip and moulded it into the letter that I was going to be using. Once ready, I headed off to the bathroom with a pair of pliers to hold the paperclip, and a lighter.
I got ready, headed the paper clip up with the lighter till it was red hot, and then pushed it into the head of my penis. Even though my penis was feeling pretty numb, the pain caused me to involuntarily remove the paper clip. It did burn it a little but, but not to my satisfaction.

I knew that I wanted to do a better job, so yesterday I did a little research about brandings. I found out that they will usually be about 3-4 times as wide as the instrument used to make them. I then decided on doing a different letter, that would not be as intricate. I picked the letter L, and decided that I was going to do it on the left side of my penis head. To make sure that this time I would not puss out, I not only put the Oragel on, but I tied off my head with a shoelace. I tightened it till I was sure that there was no blood going into the head, hoping that this would deaden the pain that I would shortly feel. I moulded the letter again out of a steel paperclip. I made sly numb by poking it with the paperclip. I knew that this time was going to be the time that the brand would work, and it would probably be permanent. I heated the letter up again, until it was red hot. Without hesitation, I dropped the lighter on the ground, grabbed my penis in my left hand, and with the right hand drove the letter into the head. As it hit the skin, the skin made a popping sound, but I did not stop pushing. I saw as the paper clip seemed to go deeper into the head. When I was sure that the paperclip was cool, I pulled it off. It seemed to be stuck, but I guess that was the skin that was melted to it.

I could not wait to see what it looked like, once I had taken the paper clip away. It was all red at the bottom, and I guess that was the blood below the layer of skin. I guess that it actually went a 16th of an inch to an 8th of an inch into the head of the penis. I did this yesterday, and today it looks even better. The letter L looks perfect, except for the little bit of white around it, which I know is the burnt skin. I guess it went deep enough to get to the nerves, cause it doesn't hurt, and really never did.

This morning, I have been thinking about it, and since it is the letter L, I was thinking of having my penis have LOVE branded across it. First I will see how the L turns out once it had healed. I don't know if I would recommend this to too many people, but I know that I certainly enjoyed it to the fullest.

I will keep everyone updated as to what will happen next, and if I will finish LOVE. Take it easy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Scarification

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 @9:54 a.m.
Its awesome that you have got the head of your cock branded with an L. I did mine with a small circle and the feeling is fantastic as the red hot metal is burning into the skin and you can smell the results

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