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My Cutting Experience

After having several piercing done at Explosive Tattoo by Toby Nolte, and using his advice on stretching my ears, He threw the idea of cutting my left ears 2 holes together a 4 ga, and a 6 ga. I left the shop with a new idea, and possibly a plan for the future.

I began to think about the idea of it, having a half- inch hole in my ear. The more and more I thought about it the more I began to like it. I had always admired the larger jewelry but thought it was something I would never come to. In the months of my stretching, I would always say I am only going so big but when I would reach it I would again set my limits even bigger. So taking my piercers advice and taking my time and doing the stretching slowly I had made my way to a 4ga and a 6ga in my left ear. Then I found a problem; my holes were starting to run into each other. So after finally coming to the fact that I either had to stop with this ear or get it cut. I went with getting it cut.

Well over the next few weeks, I would stop in and visit Toby and discuss the procedure with him and all my options. Then something occurred to me. I was going to let some man cut on me with no anesthesia, and there was no life or death situation, I must be crazy. Then I remembered something that I heard when I was younger that pain is beautiful, and I had already set through a bunch of piercings and tats. I said the hell with it and meet with Toby once again to make the appointment. We agreed, and I would return the next Saturday to begin.

I arrived to the shop on time, after getting a good dinner to help in preventing fainting. I walked in and as usual they were busy. So I sat down and talked for a while with the receptionist Glen, he tried to help in the coming of me. Toby came out and said that he would be getting ready and for me to do the same. Again I wondered about my sanity then remembering that there is a thin line between being a genius and retarded, I figured what the hell I am neither so lets do it anyway. After selecting my nice «' palm wood plug we walked to the back and I took my place in the familiar chair and begin to fight the ever present butterflies. Toby explained the procedure, and what I should expect. This time he didn't even half to tell me I began to do my nice deep breaths. His apprentice got her camera ready took a few before pictures. Toby took his scalpel got his forceps positioned right. I put a death grip on the chair arms. He made the cut. I asked, "Was that it?" He then slid his taper through followed by my jewelry. He then worked on getting the bleeding to stop. After a few minutes, he gave a few towels and I got up and moved around holding my ear ever so gently. I went out front and took my seat back, explaining how I got all worked up over nothing. It didn't even hurt as bad as a piercing, which doesn't hurt that bad at all. After we were sure the bleeding pretty much over we removed the towels and I looked my nice new ear and admired it for a few minutes, they took a few more pictures. Toby began explaining the aftercare for it, and I agreed that for the first couple of weeks I would stop in so the could look at it, and take a few pictures.

For the next few weeks I followed Toby's orders, and had him look at and it healed up great. Now I am considering stretching it even bigger. Some people say that I cheated by getting it cut but what the hell, inn my situation where I big pieces already I was a disadvantage. No my only problems is where I live it's a bunch of rednecks, and all the can say is "What the hell is that in you damn ear. I just smile, take my plug out and play with it. I am making plans now to go back and get my right ear dermal punched. To help try and catch up with the other. If anyone were ever thinking about getting something like this done, I would recommend it, there is not that much pain factor involved in it. To anyone living on the easternshore, especially in the lower DE, and MD area I would recommend going to Explosive, They do excellent work for piercings and tats, and have a great staff.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: Toby Nolte
Studio: Explosive Tattoo
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