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Diy lobes

I have been interested in piercings as long as I can remember, I have play pierced myself since I was about 11 (I definitely don't use the same methods now). Also having had piercings below the waist since age 15 which I add to every 18 months or so. But the one piercing I have always wanted to do and I have planned to do since about age 14 was my lobes. I know most people start with these but being a bit self conscious and really hating attention I have never done them (ok, I lied slightly I have done one before but took it straight out again, having long hair at the time I hid the red dot) That was probably 7 years ago.  I bought sterilised studs last year, It took me another 4 months to actually put them to use. 


I hadn't actually decided the day that I was going to use them but one evening whilst slightly drunk (Another bad idea, seriously don't get a piercing under the infulence, especially not a diy one)  I stood before my bathroom mirror with a biro and marked a dot on each as I have done many times before but this time they were perfect, not even a fraction of a millimeter out of line. I knew this was It, The marks were exactly right and I had to do them. The alcohol numbing any self conscious anxiety feeling that night meant I didn't care what people would think of me. 


Anyway, onto my ears. I found the studs in my draw of supplies and a 16G needle as they were quite fat ones, heading back to the bathroom I had a quick clean round the basin and set out my supplies on the top. I opened up the needle packet and held my earlobe in a postion where I could use my fingers to clamp my lobe and hold it so I could push the needle in straight. I put the needle to the pen mark and pushed it cleanly through my ear. I then let it sit in the hole so that I could reassess and check it had gone in straight, all was good so I opened the sterile packet of studs, held my lobe with my left hand, pulled the needle out and slid the stud straight in. A bit of fumbling and I put the back on after several attempts. That was the hardest part but hey, I'm much more used to barbells and BCRs.  


And we move onto my next lobe, I used the same familiar finger clamp method that I had just used on my other ear and on many piercings beforehand. Taking the needle (the same one, It was my last and as this evenings entertainment wasn't planned I had not stocked up)  I put it against the mark and once again I pushed it through smoothly and without issue. This time however I put the stud in and the back didn't line up as nicely as I would have liked. I took it out, put the needle back in the original front mark but adjusted the back slightly. I left the needle there for a minute and compared it to the right. This time it was spot on so I removed the needle, There was more blood than I expected, i'm not usually a bleeder. Oh well I thought and eased the stud back in on the correct path. At this point it was midnight so I cleared up my supplies, had a shower and went to bed satisfied. 


I awoke the the next morning remembering what I had done the night before. I decided that even If I took them out people would be able to see the marks and would immediately know what I had done so they were here to stay. I had breakfast and went to work with my fluffy hat on. Even so it was barely halfway through the day before a colleague noticed, I admitted to the diy job and he had a laugh at my expense, also telling my boss who spent the next month taking the piss out of me. Anyway, they're childish nevermind.


I went back to my parents house that weekend, my mother was only bothered that I had everything clean and that they were straight, being a mother she had to look and check. Although my mother and sister both informed me that a 'professional' pierces them with a a gun, I kind of rolled my eyes and said "oh right". I couldn't really let on quite how much more I know about piercing as this was the  first piercing they knew about despite me currently having 7 (10 altogether, all hidden ones). She was also amazed at quite how I could jab a perfectly straight hole in each ear whilst doing it using a reflection in a mirror.  My father doesn't like piercings, not even on girs so as I guy I have no chance. Anyway he is a smart man so has never said anything about them even though I know he doesn't approve. Me being 24 at the time and not living at home it doesn't matter anyway. 


I cleaned them twice daily for three weeks, after which the sharp studs were doing my head in literally as they stabbed me in the neck when I slept on them. I got fed up and found a spare pair of 14G barbells in my draw. I cleaned them in a bit of hibiscrub, took out the studs and although they are bigger went straight in. Unfortunately being externally threaded my right one got irritated and I started to get a bit of gunk coming out.  Being fairly experienced I kept up with the salt soaks and made sure I did not touch it. They both healed perfectly after that. I did have my sister ask me If I knew that the barbells were not earrings, I just answered 'yeah, I should get some shorter ones' after all I couldn't really tell her that the 14G barbells were actually bought as spares to go below the waist. 


I love my lobes although I am still just as self conscious, I don't wear any in some situations to avoid attention. Hence why much like an iceberg most of my piercings are hidden under the surface. My little secret, and yours as well now.


Project Storm 


submitted by: Project Storm
on: 07 March 2017
in Standard Earlobe Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My bathroom

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