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My Spontaneous Medusa!

So, I was at work one day, and I had the urge to do something.. I didn't know what, exactly, I was just aching to get weird. I had been considering getting a new piercing, because it had been over a year since my last one, and I had a few ideas in my mind about what I would like to get, a medusa being one of them. I looked up stories, experiences, pictures, etc., to get more information on it, and quickly decided it was the one for me. I talked to a friend, and when I got off work, we were off to find a place to do it.

We drove to Miraculous Creations in Worcester, MA (because my friend had a gift certificate, which he was so kindly willing to donate to me) and the whole time I was freaking out due to a mix of fear and excitement. We get there, finally, and I go in, and tell the nice gentleman at the counter what I want, and it turns out that the piercer was sick due to the cold season and would be back the next day. I was pretty bummed, because I didn't want to wait til the next day, so we drove back to Leominster (where we live) and went to another shop called Leominster Ink. I had been pierced by the owner of that shop when I went to his old shop, so I was happy with that shop choice, as well.

I go inside, tell the girl (whose name I didn't originally catch, and ended up finding her [or rather she found me] on Facebook) Danielle what I want, and she takes me right back as there was no one else there. She asks for my ID, makes a copy, and I fill out my paperwork. My stomach was in knots at this point but I was so excited! I was absolutely giddy, like a schoolgirl! She gets everything ready for me (all in my view, which I love because I like to know everything is clean and sanitary) and tells me to take a seat. I sit down and she starts marking my lip.. she probably wiped it off 5 times before she thought it was good enough for me to look at it, and it turned out, it was perfect placement. She clamps my lip, reminds me to keep breathing (a good thing because I literally always forget!) and she tells me to take 2 deep breaths, and POP! in it goes.. and then out it came through the opposite side. I had my eyes closed because nothing makes me more queasy than watching someone stick a needle in my face. I feel warm liquid flood my mouth, and I'm like, "ew, I'm drooling!" and she replies, "no, you're not." and we all share a laugh as there is a swimming pool of blood in my mouth! She cleans me up, I go check it out in the mirror, and I loved it instantly! Honestly, this was the most painful piercing I have ever gotten, and I've had many, many facial piercings in my lifetime. I'm not a wimp usually, but damn. it hurt. And then, this happened.

She says the outside looks great, but the inside is off to the right a little too much and says it could be bad, and she asks if she could do it again. She explains that she'll use the same hole that is on the outside, but make a different hole on the inside, and I trust her opinion as a professional, so I agree to let her do it again. It hurt even more this time because she had to clamp my already swollen lip. Luckily, there was only a tiny bit of blood this time and she is happy with the new placement.

She gives me all of the "taking care of your piercings" information (very thorough, which is always appreciated!) and a business card, I pay her (and tip, of course!), and off I go. To say it was swollen would be an understatement! As soon as I left the shop, I went and got everything she said I would need: water, antibacterial mouthwash, ibuprofen, and antibacterial hand soap. After the initial pain of the needle, the pain was minimal as best, only reaching a 5 on a 1-10 scale when I was cleaning it with the soap. Having an involuntary duck face for a few days is totally worth it because the result is absolutely amazing. It's cute, dainty, and I love it! If you are itching for something new, I definitely recommend getting a medusa, despite the pain. Also, if you're ever in the area, check out Leominster Ink in downtown Leominster! It's clean, quiet, professional, and the employees are very nice.


submitted by: BrianaMichelle
on: 24 April 2015
in Madonnas and Medusas

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Artist: Danielle
Studio: Leominster Ink
Location: Leominster, MA

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Thursday, July 30, 2015 @3:31 p.m.
Would you say that this piercing is more painful than a nose piercing?

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