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The Play Piercing Years

If you have a number of visible piercings, you're probably used to being looked at, and might assume a lot of this kind of attention is of the negative variety. However, I wonder if you ever consider that the ordinary, apparently non-modded voyeur could be staring out of a sense of beauty and fascination? And might know more about such things than appearances suggest? 

I have had a bit of an obsession with body modification as long as I can remember, although it's something I've largely kept to myself. I've never wanted mods on a permanent basis -even in this age of mainstream adornment, but I discovered play piercing as a teenager in the early 90s and became quite experienced, piercing almost all the standard places above the waist. For some reason, I've never been very interested in genital piercings. 

The first spot I tried was my right nostril, as I guessed that a small mark wouldn't be too obvious among the teenage pimples. I probably used a sewing needle to make the hole, then I remember forcing through a gold sleeper earring i took from my sister's jewellery box. It stayed in for no more than half an hour, but it was a powerful experience.  I suppose a septum hole would have been sure to stay secret, but keep in mind that was a pretty radical piercing in 1993 and not one I'd ever have seen in the flesh. That would have to come later...

After this success, what I really wanted to experience was ear piercing, as this has always been my main fascination. The problem was how to keep this secret, as a red mark in the middle of the lobes could only be one thing and I didn't feel like going public. I decided to go as far up the lobe as possible, without going into the cartilage, as this was a mysterious and perhaps painful area. Anyway, this was pretty straightforward as I remember it, and within a few days I was at it again and again. Eventually the desire to pierce the bottom of my lobes and feel proper earrings in them outweighed caution, and for a few months these holes were in use almost every night, filled with anything I could steal or secretly borrow. I covered the holes with clearasil spot cream and denied everything!

At that time, labrets, stretching and even navels were extremely rare and I'm not sure I knew they even existed. Therefore, the next step was multiple ear piercings. No traguses, conches or daiths though, as I didn't know they existed either! I worked out a technique where I could make the piercing using a pin with a ball head, push it right in and cut the pin with pliers, leaving enough of a post to put a butterfly on. This made a pretty 'realistic' stud and using this method, I soon progressed to cartilage piercings. One night I didn't stop until my right ear had fifteen of these studs from bottom to top. This felt amazing, but like every other time I took them all out in less than an hour. My ear probably throbbed a bit too. The most I managed in the left ear was about eight at once, although I covered every part of it on separate occasions. 

As piercing culture developed, I tried out almost everything that came along, using my usual methods: triple tongue, multiple cheeks, nipples, navel, bridge, madonnas, labrets etc.  I never had any bad experiences, beyond bleeding. I was lucky though, as I never undertook even basic hygiene precautions. The only evidence these days are faint marks on my ears which get comments now and again. There are actually some dark spots on the back of my lobes like tattoo marks, which must have come from something dirty. I didn't notice these until years later though. The last piercing I made was through the septum about a decade ago. Like the left side of my nose and the philtrum, this had always defeated my attempts in the past, as it was just too eyewateringly uncomfortable, even though I was really into septum rings. And yes, it was still pretty painful too, particularly compared to ears which had never seemed sore at all. 

This one I actually did with a canulla needle and put a captive ring in it, as I had them lying around from piercing my girlfriend's ears a few times. She has ten in her ears altogether, with 4mm lobes. I haven't pierced myself for a few years now, probably because I have hers to play with. I've tried to persuade her into bigger tunnels, but she would rather keep them semi secret too. 

I hope this historical ramble hasn't been too dull and might demonstrate you don't need to be full of metal to be a fan. 


submitted by: Atremisirons
on: 26 Nov. 2014
in Ritual and Play Piercing

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Sunday, December 28, 2014 @2:23 p.m.
I know the feeling. I have four piercings per ear with half inch gauges and a nose piercing, but I've had a couple surface piercings since I was younger which has since rejected (wrist and back of the neck). When I was in high school, I pierced a few things myself only to take them out within the day or two, (my wrist, both my ears, my nose, and my lip in two places). I feel strongly this way way about tattoos. When I was younger, a friend and I used to diy tattoo ourselves often. I currently am in LOVE with the way tattoos look but don't want any permanent marks on myself. I love piercings because of how impermanent they are and plan to get more probably on my neck and ears but I feel the commitment of tattoos are a different story. I don't like people who are covered with tattoos to think I'm looking at them with repulsion, because far from that, I'm looking out of a sense of beauty like you said.

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