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Piercings and stress.

6 days ago I got two off-centre tongue piercings (venoms). They were healing well, and my speech was pretty much back to normal. Eating was relatively pain-free, albeit a bit awkward. Last night I was meeting my parents for dinner in a local restaurant.

Now, I don't have many piercings. I had 13 last night: just my lobes, a daith, my navel and venoms. Dinner started off well, but my parents soon noticed my venoms. Pretty soon I was getting grief about them, which soon spread to the rest of my piercings. Then it went on to my attittude on piercings, and how I find getting pierced more enjoyable than practising ninjutsu and other things like sports.

The conversation continued in a negatively aggressive vein, directed at me and piercings. My stretched ears came under fire, which brought the conversation onto the more extreme body modification. I mistakingly blurted out that if I continue through university, achieve a doctorate and feel I'm ready, I would get my tongue split... There was a second of silence around the table, like the calm before the storm.

Then my dad exploded into life with comments like sick, abhorrent, twisted, disgusting, freakish... You get the idea. This torrent lasted for quite a while, and finished with me being branded as suffering from body dysmorphism. All because of my desire and love of body mods.

I was, am, still pretty shook by him and I left the restaurant almost immediately. At home I was too stressed out to do anything, so I just went to sleep after cleaning my venoms.

That night (last night), I dreamt that someone strong had grabbed me by my venoms and was pulling the left one with the intention of splitting my tongue then and there by ripping it apart. I remember being in so much agony and being terrified. The pain was incredibly realistic. All I could feel was the pain and how I'd do anything to lessen or stop it. Eventually the dream faded back into relieving blackness and I slept soundly until I woke up.

When I awoke my mouth was bone dry as if I had spent the night with it open. There was no sensation in it except for my left tongue piercing aching madly. My room is blacked out but every morning I make my bed, to the point that I can do it without even opening my eyes. This morning was no different with me going through the motions before drinking the glass of water on my bedside table to wet my mouth, putting on my glasses and going downstairs to the bathroom.

I look at myself in the mirror, and there's dried blood all around my mouth. there's also a trail going down my cheek and neck as if I'd been lying down while it was wet. I open my mouth and inside it's relatively normal, apart from blood under my left venom that wasn't washed away when I drank my water. I see my hands in light for the first time I wake up, and they too are covered in blood around my thumb, index finger and middle finger.

I run back to my room and open the curtains. On my pillow is a bloodstain that runs down onto my black bedsheet where there are visible bloodstains. The stain on my pillow matches up exactly with the one on my neck and cheek. There is also blood on my girlfriends teddy that she left with me before she went to America to visit her family.

The pain I felt, wasn't a dream. The person pulling at my tongue was me but I thought I was still dreaming. The pain I experienced at that time overrided every other sensation so I didn't realise that it was me doing it subconsciously. I took out my venoms a half hour later, after I'd cleaned the blood off me and my bedclothes. It makes me sad to lose a piercing I'd waited so long to get (8 months because I didn't want to have a swollen tongue for work) but there is no way I want to risk experiencing something like that again.


This is the story of my venoms, or rather my experience. It shows the negative effects that stress can have on us at all times. I shared this experience to highlight how we can be affected by stress. I hope that no one EVER experiences something like this because not only was the pain agonising but waking up and finding that my subconscious mind had done this scares me to the core.

I know this story may not sound very believable, but it is entirely true. I would include pictures of my bedclothes and venoms (when I still had them), but I can not seem to get the link to Dropbox working properly.


My pillow My venoms


submitted by: Oscamon
on: 30 June 2014
in Off-Center Tongue Piercings

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Saturday, July 26, 2014 @4:01 a.m.
I feel for you. I would be totally stressed. I've wanted to get some mods done but I don't like pain. Plus I know my partner wouldn't want me to. I've been looking for someone with a medical degree so they can use some local anesthetic not just some topical cream. Good Luck, I hope things worked out since your post.

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