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Septum Piercing and Stretching Journey to 4.1mm (So far)

It all started when I randomly thought about how fun a septum piercing would be. The funny thing is, I used to think they were ugly. Amazing How one's tastes can change so quickly. It Is about 6 months old, so obviously I didn't follow the timeline for septum stretching very well. But I've learned a lot in the process so far. I wanted to go to a shop to get it pierced, and called around my current living area, as well as my hometown, Asking for prices.

After being told by several of the piercing shops that they Didn't feel comfortable doing them. Really? what the hell what shop Refuses to do a simple septum? I then decided that I would research on the self piercing process. I have done several Ear piercings, including my right inner conch. I was scared slightly at the thought of sticking a needle through my nose. But after a month Of research and watching bids on YouTube, I decided it was now or never. This was December 2012. So I went on Amazon, and discovered it would cost me HALF of what the one reputable shop would have charged. Thrilled as ever, I ordered some forceps, 14G Sealed sterilized hollow needles, a box of black piercing Non-latex gloves, and a pack of 25 16g circular Barbells. this is Because Its Easier to fit a smaller piece of jewelry right in rather than the size you were pierced at.

Granted,a self piercing isn't recommended. But I was determined and knew I could do it. When my things Finally came, I washed my hands, gloved up, cleaned my nose with a qtip and alcohol, and got the needle ready.lined it up in my sweet spot, poked the first side, couldn't bear it, And chickened out. This happened Twice more, so I gave up for the day.

The next day, I refused to puss Out. Got stuff ready,.lined it up, and knew it was now or never. I poked and Just pushed straight through the sweet spot. Amazed at myself, I looked at the needle sticking through my nose! Success!almost. Had to put the cbb in. The 16g balls were tiny And very difficult to get on. The piece in general Felt too small to me. So after two weeks or so of having it in, I bought some 14g cbbs from walmart :S it slid Right in though. Yes! it looked perfect, and had no pain. The hole never shrunk from the size I pierced I suppose. it flipped right up, so I loved freaking out my parents when I went to visit them and my friends etc haha. I Just loved the shock factor because no one expected me to get one. I ended up Piercing two friend's for free since I had all the equipment. Both turned out very well, to this day: ) 2 Weeks later I felt that 14g looked too small for my manly big face lol. So i went to The mall and bought a 12g stainless steel cbb. Once again, It slid in with ease. I think it helped that I was always playing and tugging on my jewelry lightly for fun. This Looked bigger and nicer on my face. So I stayed there for a few weeks and decided to see if my 10g acrylic (bad) Pincher would fit. Yet again, it slid in with no issues.I remember thinking How amazing and quick the Process felt. I stayed at 10g for about a month, by which time my septum was about 2.5 months old. By March of 2013, I was ready for 8g. The taper hurt more on this stretch, But still went in easily. It felt like my nose was punched however the next day. This was the point in which I was introduced to septum denting. I changed from the crappy 8g acrylic pincher to a Stainless steel single flared eyelet, that I had from stretching my ears. I sat at this size for a good month, so in April I got the 6g taper and black acrylic plug ready. This stretch was a bitch. My eyes watered Uncontrollably. And My nose. It was very difficult to get the plug in. The denying hurt so bad that I took it out and let it heal. It only closed to 12g or so. I then restretched it To 6g again where I sitting now. Have been for almost three weeks.the first week sucked. A lot of painkillers, nose blowing and overall soreness. But thankfully it wore off. I will be waiting quite a while before I begin taping up to 4g. My goal size is 2g Or 6.5mm. Hopefully I will survive the denting. My best advice that I can give if you want to stretch your septum is to wait. Obviously I went quickly and eventually it caught up to me. It's different than ear stretching.

Especially with the denying taking place in the cartilage area. This occurs when you stretch your sweet spot's limits, and the jewelry rubs on the cartilage in your nose, which can be sensitive anywhere from a few days to a few months. It takes a while to form the dent. I believe my 6g is Making a good one ATM. The longer You wait, the better it will be for your septum. Also, while you wait out the denting Process, wear hard stainless steel plugs/eyelets. This will form more of a dent compared to lighter fitting jewelry. It helps create the pressure needed on your cartilage to form a dent. You can also encourage the denting on your own by pushing lightly under your nose, so the plug pushes the cartilage rather than having to wait.


submitted by: Marvolon
on: 28 June 2013
in Septum Piercings

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