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nipple Piercing

I decided on an impulse to get my left nipple pierced on December 10, 2001, after a particularly brutal final exam in college. I went to Ocean Mystique on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach. My piercer, Dave, prepared the room and called me back within 5 minutes after I signed the paperwork. The room was extremely clean, and Dave was very professional. He had me lie on the table while he sterilized and marked my nipple. He took a single use needle out of its sterile wrapping, and asked me if I wanted him to go slow or (stab!) run it through quickly. I hardly felt the pain before it was over, and he had the ring already in the nipple. That night, the captive bead accidentally fell out, so I slept on the ring, which caught the bedcovers at every movement. I ended up with a little bit of blood on the sheets (it washed out, so there's no evidence, Detective), and went back to the shop to have the bead put back on. While I was there, I decided to have the other nipple pierced. Dave had told me I'd be back within a week, and he was right, only I didn't know how right he was going to be! He was off that day, so Danny handled the procedure. He meticulously lined up his marks with Dave's marks, and had me take a deep breath and let it out. Just as I let it out, he ran the needle through. It hurt a little more than the first one, mainly because I was expecting it this time. I made the mistake of looking at it before he was done, and I got a little dizzy. I put my head back down on the table, and he finished up with the ring and put on the captive bead. I've got 14g SSS rings in right now, and have a pair of custom made 14K rings on order from Tribalectic.

I had my left nipple done originally 4 years ago, having been pressured into it by two girls as pretty as they were evil. I recall thinking as soon as it was done that something had gone wrong, it felt like my nipple had been ripped off by mistake. Everything appeared to be fine though. Having no knowledge of proper care I tried to do as the piercer suggested, but I feel now that I should have done more research on it myself. Over the following three years it never fully healed, and the ring slowly worked its way out of my chest. I retired it a year ago.Recently, completely on my own I decided I wanted to give it another go. This time I read up on it, and found a local piercer I felt comfortable with. I asked him about scar tissue and the possibility of losing it again, and he took a look at my nipple and said that he thought it was possible, although the chance of losing it is always there. The pain of piercing it was minimal, which surprised my piercer since he said most people think it hurts worse the second time around. I had it done last week, and the ring I have now is more comfortable now than my last one was after three years.It went so well in fact that I decided to go ahead and do another project that I had read up on; but that is another experience.

I'll start by saying WOW. As a 32-year old guy that's never had a piercing (or tat), I was a bit apprehensive. I've wanted a piercing for quite a while, but I've been limited by my profession. I finally decided to get a non-visible piercing, and the nipple was it.So, I start looking around, and there are a couple shops in the area. I decide to go with a friend's suggestion (as she's had many piercings there), and I stop by. They're closed, as it's a holiday. I decide to pop into Breckenridge Body Art, just to chat and see what the place is like. I end up finding out that the owners just took over a couple months ago, and they're great. I end up chatting with the piercer, and I feel really comfortable with him, so I decide to get it done.I get the paperwork, and I'm starting to get really anxious. The rush starts, and I realize I haven't eaten anything in five or six hours. The question about eating in the previous four hours brings this to my attention, so they tell me to run out and at least grab a candy bar. I do, and return, still jittery. He marks my nipple, and I take a look in the mirror. Looks great, but I'm wired, so part of me doesn't care...but it was exactly what I wanted. I plop back in the chair, sweating like a horse. He attempts to clamp my nipple, but he can't with the clamp he has. I'm in pretty decent shape, so he couldn't pull the nipple up enough with that clamp. He has to grab a smaller one, and after cleaning my nipple, he gets it clamped properly. I only wish it was some hot chick with a clamp on my nipple, as this is pretty intense. He gets out the needle, tells me he's going to count to three...and, of course, on one, he shoves the needle through. It didn't hurt much at all, mostly odd due to feeling it cut through flesh. The barbell goes in, a dab or two to clean off the small amount of blood, and I'm done.Four hours later, I'm still a bit wired. I didn't even feel I should drive for 15-20 minutes after as I had a great rush.


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on: 12 June 2013
in Multiple Male Nipple Piercings

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