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Spur of the moment septum

Yet again I found myself getting a piercing I never dreamed I would get. Almost always when I had seen a septum piercing it was on someone with large jewelry and frankly didn’t look appealing to me at all.  Over time I started seeing discreet septum piercings with retainers and other small jewelry.  Suddenly septum piercings didn’t look so bad.

My story begins when I was out of town for a few weeks on business.  I found myself walking around a city in Australia with a few hours to spare.  There were many things I could have done but I decided to walk around and look at stores.  I noticed several piercing places and figured it would be interesting to see what the atmosphere was like kin them.  The first couple were terrible, can’t really explain why, they just felt wrong.  The third seemed okay, but I figured I had better go check it out online. 

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of any of the shops, this was long ago, but my instincts were right, 2 got terrible reviews, the third was quite good.

So what to get? I was away on business so it had to be discreet.  Out of nowhere I decided to try a septum piercing as long as they could do it with a retainer.

I took a walk to the shop and they said that piercing with a retainer wouldn’t be a problem but could I come back the next day as they were closing soon.  Darn.  I figured I’d probably back out and put it out of my mind.  The next day at work I didn’t even think about it but on the way home I walked past the shop and while it was still relatively close to closing time I thought I would go in and see if they could do it. 

A different piercer was in and she said she’d be happy to take a look for me.  I asked the price and nearly choked, I don’t go to hack places, but I recall feeling the price was a bit extortionate.  Still, I had a good feeling about her and foreign currency I didn’t want to exchange so I said go for it.

We decided on a 14 gauge retainer which would be easy to hide.  I hopped into the dentist chair, my first time being in a chair for a piercing and she took a look at my septum.  She exclaimed that it is crooked which was no surprise to me and that she would need to take some time marking it so that it appeared straight.  Her attention to detail was good, although I felt like I would sneeze as she was marking different positions trying to decide what would work best.  Finally she has found a placement that worked for her and it was time to go.

The clamping as usual was a bit of an annoyance but not a big deal, probably a bit more uncomfortable than other areas but nothing to be concerned about.  Next up came the needle.  1, 2, 3 done! It felt sharp!  Yes, I know needles are sharp but this actually felt sharp and different to other piercings.   It was over in moments and then it was time to make the retainer the right size so that I could flip it up and down, but without any risk of it coming down without me making an effort to flip it down.  I didn’t want to risk it slipping down when sneezing, blowing my nose, etc.

I took a look to be courteous, I didn’t really care how it looked as it was never going to be worn down anyway.  I paid then tipped and was on my way.

My nose was extremely sensitive for several days, bumping then end of my nose when taking shirts off or getting dried after a shower was most unpleasant.  Healing was easy and I kept the piercing in for a few months then took it out.

Several months later I decided it was fun to have and wanted to get it done again.  I went to a local shop in Canada and said I wanted it done.  To my surprise the hole was still there, no need to pierce, just taper and put the jewelry back in.  That was several years ago, sometimes I keep it in, sometimes I take it out.  Nobody knows I have a pierced septum, it is nice having something nobody knows about.

I generally get a piercing for the experience and the sensation and I can say this didn’t disappoint.  I don’t like how it looks if I flip it down but I knew that would be the case but I’m still happy that I have it.


submitted by: kindacurious
on: 11 May 2013
in Septum Piercings

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