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Unplanned Nipple Piercing

As usual, this piercing was spur of the moment, barely thought out.  I guess thats just the way I am when it comes to piercings.  I actually don't like the look of nipple piercings but wanted to see how it would feel and also how it would alter sensations when touched by someone else.  Still, that was idle curiosity and not something I planned to act on.

I was at work having a horrific day and was due to be stuck in 6 hours of meetings later in the day.  I honestly didn't think I could stand the day without going crazy if I didn't have some kind of distraction.  I'm not sure where the idea came from but I suddenly decided to get my nipple pierced over lunch.  The adrenaline rush while waiting for lunch made my day more tolerable so I was even more convinced this was an awesome idea.  The problem was only having a short lunch time and quite a distance to cover.  I figured I had worked enough overtime and decided to discreetly take a longer lunch than usual.  I was on my way, still time to change my mind but I decided I at least had to go to the studio to ask some questions.

Once I arrived I realized that there really was no turning back.  The only question I asked was how long it would take to get it done as I was under some time pressure.

I was told that from start to end including prep and aftercare speech it would be 20 minutes or less, depending on my own comfort level.  I figured there were no reasons to bail out and decided to go ahead.

First question was jewelry, I decided to go with a 14 gauge barbell.  Next question was which side.  Due to the side of the bed that I sleep on and which was least likely to get accidentally knocked I went for the right nipple.

The prep work was easy, just a few minutes to check my body out and decide the right entry and exist points, a couple of dots for me to check out in the mirror and I was all set.

I'd done a fair amount of reading over the years about nipple piercings in the past and had generally read that they were pretty painful.  Fine I figured, pain during and after sounded like a decent distraction from life for me.


I’d like to take a moment to state that getting piercings on a whim or as a distraction probably isn’t the best idea, but I figure it’s not like a tattoo, piercings can be taken out and are largely not noticeable afterwards.


So the moment came, clamps and then time to lay back and breathe.  3…2…1…poke.  Hmm, minimal pain disappointing, time to put the barbell in and tighten it, hmm that’s a bit more like it, it was quite uncomfortable.


I got up, admired the work, looked better than I thought it would, put my shirt back on and started walking out.  That certainly felt different.  I was aware of every time my nipple was brushed by my clothing, interesting!  So far so good. 


I carefully make my way back to the office, not as fast as I would have liked, had to be careful and then settled in for hours of gruesome meetings.  As time passed there was a dull ache, good, nice distraction.  It also felt good knowing that I had something done that would shock my coworkers if they ever found out.  Sometimes secrets are sexy.


My wife thought it looked interesting, and was interested in playing with it once it was healed.  It certainly made me even more aware of my left nipple so there was increased sensation when having sex anyway which was an added bonus.


Healing was largely uneventful apart from the couple of times I caught it on something.  The first time was when I was in the shower, it got caught on the cloth.  Holy crap!  That pain was intense, I do believe I shriveled up and whimpered!  I figured that with that painful a lesson I wouldn’t be making a similar mistake again.  Boy was I mistaken.  The second incident was just after Punch Out! Was released for the wii.  I was getting into it, went for an uppercut and caught my chest with the controller.  Holy crap!  That made the incident in the shower feel like a tickle.  There were other people at the house who weren’t aware of the piercing or my general interest in them so somehow I managed to carry on for a few moments before excusing myself to go to the restroom.  I sat, turned the fan on and sat in the restroom in intense pain for a bit. 


After that incident I stopped doing things like that and healing continued without issues.


About a year later I ended up retiring it, well both actually as I went back and had the other one done.  I was traveling for work a lot and didn’t want to risk something happening when going through security with coworkers.  Overly cautious I know but it’s the choice that I made.


Overall, its an awesome piercing, I wouldn’t hesitate getting it again if the time was right.  If you are thinking of it go for it, you won’t regret it. 


submitted by: kindacurious
on: 05 May 2013
in Standard Male Nipple Piercings

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Friday, June 14, 2013 @5:37 p.m.
Will get mine done after the summer hols
Monday, February 17, 2014 @1:43 a.m.
You could always switch to bioplast or pyrex jewelry if you're worried about metal detectors. It would still show up on the backscatter x-ray, but security will know what it is and not pull you aside for it, and it's not like your coworkers are going to see those shots.

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