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My First Solar Brand

Being very fair skinned, meaning it is impossible for me to get a tan. Ever. I have always had a healthy respect for the sun. It was this respect that made me very curious about solar branding. A tecnique of branding in which the suns rays are concentrated through a crystal sphere into a stenciled image on the skin. I first heard about this method a few years ago from Andrew S. of Las vegas. It was during his sun gazing fast that he had the idea of this sterile form of branding. After testing the procedure on himself and getting beautiful results, Andrew begun branding his peers and ultimately apprenticing Neeko Bonzini, whom I received my solar brand from.

It was early April and it had been a cloudy week in southern California. As Niel and I set out for Palm Springs we were a little concerned that we would not be able to get branded. But as luck would have it the sun shown down on our eager faces as we rounded a mountain some twenty minutes outside of our destination. Everyone met up at Adornments Tattoo shop and after lunch Neeko began carefully placing our stencils. After we were marked and ready to go we all headed out to an indian reservation in the desert. It didn't take us long to find a suitable sunny spot. We cleared an area, prepared our spot and Neeko began branding. It was my first time watching the procedure being done and it was very exciting. The smell and sound of burning flesh ignited something primal in me as I watched silently. I knew it would take a considerable amount of skill and was impressed with how quickly and precisely Neeko was able to complete a fairly difficult piece. After my friends had their face and arm branded it was my turn. I had wanted to get an infinity symbol strike branded since I was a teenager but the opportunity never arose so I figured why not solar brand it instead. After deciding to place the design on my upper back, Neeko freehanded it and we were ready to begin.

My pain tolerance is very high, Due to the demands of my job as a sideshow performer and the fact that I'm a masochist, but I was still a little nervous. I had never enjoyed being sun burned in the past and was imposing these thoughts on my assumption of what it would feel like to be branded in this way. After some short mediation I was ready. The procedure took less than ten minutes and was surprisingly comfortable. Yes it felt as you would expect, like your being burned but It wasn't the normal burning feeling. Rather than a wide spread pain, it was more of an acute discomfort. Compared to tattooing I would say it hurt much less than most spots I have taken ink . I think because there is less over all trauma to the skin as compared with tattooing i.e. no stretching of the skin, no wiping and the fact that the wound is cauterized.

It has been about two weeks and I am very happy with the results. The healing time was half that of other mods I  have gotten, such as piercings or scarification. It was also relatively painless. I experience minor discomfort the first few days and when I scrubbed my brand in the shower but that was a bout it. Now 98% of the scabbing is gone and I am left with a nicely recessed pink scar. I will happily post pictures once the flaking is gone.

I have to say that I absolutely adore my new brand. I love the fact that it was created using the power of the brightest star in the solar system, our life giving sun. To me the application method was just as meaningful as the image itself. I enjoy the fact that you have to get branded outside. Mostly because my mods are usually ritualistic and the closer I can get to the natural world while they are being performed, the better. I'm so blessed every time I get to experience my body in a whole new way, and this was no exception. My mind was also going through a very powerful process, First I went through fear, anticipation, then accepting, giving into and ultimately enjoying the feeling of being burned. It allowed me to reinforce the already present knowledge that I can overcome my fears. I am looking forward to more solar branding in the future. Not just the branding itself but also finding the right location and setting. If you are interested in Solar branding please contact Neeko at [email protected]l.com

"To love and be loved is like feeling the sun from both sides." - David Viscott


submitted by: BriannaBelladonna
on: 03 May 2013
in Misc. Brands, Misc. Modern Branding

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