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My Corset Piercing Experience

I figured I would write about this experience while it is still fresh in my mind. I've had my full back corset piercing for two days now and it has been quite the new experience for me. First of all, I had no intention of getting something like this done because I know that it is not a permanent piercing but, the shop my piercer happens to work at was having a $120 all you can get pierced sale (which I don't really support but I'll talk about that some other time). Anyways, so I figured why not go all out and just do it. I was mostly into it just to see how it would feel to get that many piercings at once, plus I figured maybe it would help me to prepare for my first upcoming suspension.

Anyways.......So I booked my appointment in advance for the day of the sale and went in bright and early at ten am. I ate a light meal beforehand and drank a Dr. Pepper and I was feeling pretty good about it all. My roommate decided to tag along with me so we got in the room and I took my shirt off and sat on the table while he marked off where all of the rings would be going. We had decided on "at least fourteen piercings" so he marked out a couple extra just in case. Then it was time to go and I laid down and grabbed my roomies hand and prepared for the worst. The first one he used a clamp, and the clamp was super painful as always, and it was right at the base of my back in that area that makes you want to scream when someone pinches you there, so it felt pretty rough. I asked if he could possibly freehand them and he said he would try and after that he did and it felt just fine. I had a pretty good adrenaline rush going, we got up to 8, then 14, then 18, then he stopped and I told him he might as well just make it a good number - twenty. So he did two more and the whole time I felt really relaxed, almost as if I could just fall asleep right there on the table. I would breathe in and out when he told me too and squeeze my friends hand accordingly. It was such an amazing feeling and the whole thing went by incredibly fast. Different parts of my back being pierced caused different sensations that I wouldn't necessarily describe as pain. The two on my shoulder blades by far felt the most uncomfortable though. So finally we were done and after they all took a ton of pictures I finally sat up and got to see for myself. They were so gorgeous looking, and luckily I brought a super loose see through shirt so I could show them off!

Then we went home and I felt no pain the whole time, sometimes there was a small bit of burning on a few of the holes but it was hardly a noticeable thing. And I was sitting on the couch trying to watch tv and not focus on the fact that I had a million things running through my mind all at once, I just had a massive endorphin rush and I guess I kind of went into shock as well because my muscles tensed up and I couldn't stop shaking and my heart was beating really fast and I just felt weak and strange. Very strange. I waited until I calmed down to fall asleep and it was a horrible sleep but when I woke up I still felt a little dizzy and weird but the other symptoms were gone. I'm not sure how this makes me feel.

Sleeping was horrible, of course. The next day I felt just fine again. There are so many weird feelings associated with little CBR's hanging out of your back... like when you step down really hard and they all kind of jiggle and it feels kind of like a tickling sensation. The worst part has really been how sore the muscles in my back and arms are. I've just been really tensing up without realizing it I think, and it just feels so odd. We laced them up yesterday and it felt way better than not having anything in them, I could actually rest my back against the seat and it felt fine for people to run their hands along the strings. I'm keeping them in to do a photoshoot in a few days but afterwards I think they'll be coming out. They really are more trouble than they're worth.

My main concern today is that they are so incredibly itchy and there isn't a whole lot I can do for them other than soaking them. I can feel the rings under the skin and I'm really just anticipating taking them out. It's been a very intersting experience and one that I would definitely do over, but I think next time I would rather just do play piercings instead of keeping them in.


submitted by: bisante96
on: 24 April 2013
in Corset Piercing

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