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The vertical lip/labret that was not to be.

This is my first experience with piercing that I did not absolutely love after it was done. So with that being the case understand it is now removed but seeing how there are not many new stories of this piercing I figured I would share. So I first saw the vertical labret about six months ago, but being that I am older then most I've seen with this piercing and that I have only had one facial piercing previously the decision was a major one for me. I was entranced by how the piercing looked, I love how it made a sweet little indent in the bottom lip that made it look a little more plump. I also knew my lips are small from side to side and maybe a little thin but I decided to give it a go. 


I had only two options for studios in my area and chose the better of the two..which is to say...not that much better. They have ancient aftercare and still use externally threaded jewelry...not a huge fan, but I knew how to properly care for a piercing and I would be responsible for making sure it healed up perfectly..no biggie.


I called ahead and was told the piercer would be in that night from noon to eight, perfect for me, so I went about my day until four. Heading down to the shop I didn't feel nervous or really all that excited, maybe that should have been my own red flag, but I just figured I'd had so many things done that I was no longer going to get the rush and jitters from piercings anymore. I walk into the shop and sadly the piercer had stepped out for a bit, I didn't really mind and took a seat to wait, watching, I think, opra on the tv on the wall...


About fourty five minutes later, which passed by like nothing for me, in walks the piercer, for now I'll just call him bob since my not liking my piercing has nothing to do with his skill. Bob apologized and explained why he had to step out and that I had been so nice and patient he would pierce me with titanium jewelry for the same price as SSS. That worked for me since I planned on titanium anyway, I always opt for it for new piercings.


On we go to pick out jewelry and sign all the bits and bobs that need signing. I picked out a16g titanium curved barbell in silver color, or high polish to some people out there. I wasn't nervous as he took me into the piercing room, not the greatest piercing room I have ever seen but he did follow steril protocol on anything that would touch me so I was fine with it.


As usual all of the steril pouches were opened in front of me, clamps prepared and small cup of the nastiest mouth wash ever created, given to me to swish with. I swished like crazy and then spit out the mouth wash, it was by far the worst part of the experience for me, gag o riffic. Anyway he gets a surgical pen and proceeds to mark me, and as he does he periodically asks me to check in the mirror. A few adjustments and I was ready for the clamps. The clamps went on with barely any fiddling, he stretched out the skin of my lips to ensure a straight up and down piercing and the said he would pierce when I was ready.


I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and as I exhaled he pierced through the needle. To me it felt like pressure, more like squeezing then something piercing me, there was no sharp pain or burning. And just like that he slide the jewelry into place and screwed on the bottom ball, that did hurt a little because it felt like yanking on a raw cut, but not a problem for me at all.


I got up and looked into the mirror and he had done such an amazing job. The piercing was perfectly straight, even and placed just right on my lip but somehow I wasn't thrilled like I usually had been with other piercings. To tell you the truth I was a little confused, I hadn't bled it didn't hurt and it looked perfectly placed to me but I just didn't get that wow feeling I was looking for.


I thanked him for doing an amazing job, paid for my piercing and tipped him extra for taking his time and doing such a great job. I drove home feeling a little let down but decided I would wait until the piercing settled and the swelling had gone down before I made any final decisions. My experience with the days after was fine, I bruised a bit in the middle of my lip, there was no external bleeding, crusting or anything unusual, though my lips were extremely dry and flaky. I followed my usual aftercare, twice daily salt soaks, not touching it and taking some extra vitamins, oh and also some Advil to help the swelling go down. Oh and before I forget, you can forget about sandwiches or anything else you have to take a bite out of...not going to happen, or if it does you might injure the piercing....


However as the weeks went by, the swelling went down and the piercing settled I just couldn't get that happy to have it feeling. It was a piercing that I had wanted for a long time but I just couldn't pull it off, it wasn't me. So a month after having the piercing done I made the decision to remove the piercing and let it close. I was a little sad but in the end I thought I looked better without it. Theres really no moral to this story, it is just an experience, one that won't stop me from trying new mods or experiencing new piercings, just another part of life. So until next time! HH piercings!


submitted by: Demekinfishie
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Vertical Labrets

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