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Crossing a Bridge

It was about time to get yet another piercing added to my little collection.

After some cranky healing time for my inverse navel (which still is having issues), the piercing bug bit me yet again. This time I wanted a vertical philtrum, yummy! My mind was so set, I told myself friday I would do it! However, after a long day at Wonderland and my piercer closing at 8, it wasn't looking too well so... Saturday!

So Saturday, May 26th came around and I slept over at my friend Kat's the night before. She's a fanatic like me so I dragged her along and off we went. I had plans to meet up with someone at Rib Fest that day, Mmmm.. riiibbss.. then it hit me, a vertical philtrum ment no gorging on ribs, I clearly became bummed. I knew I wanted a piercing though, I was determined. My friend suggested various ear piercings and I shrugged them off, I wanted something to notice!

Kat and Myself strolled along Main St. to Body and Soul and walked right in. A bridge, an earl, it's strange, it's unusual, I want it. I had decided, and I was scared. Well, not really but it was so "out there" I couldn't hide it if I wanted to. Anywho, we went in and met Chris. Kat needed her tongue bar changed to a shorter one and so she did that first and I watched attentively then I filled out the paperwork. 

Chris told me it would be $80 because it was a difficult pierce. I paid $50 for my septum and it was a blind pierce... I felt slightly cheated but whatever. The only reason why I went there was because I didn't have enough time to go see my piercer at Exquizeet and come back to the area and dang it, I was determined to get a new piece of bling! So I filled out the form, paid and went to the back room.

Hello dentist chair. I sat, he cleaned and marked, we checked, I thought it was crooked too much to the left but the three other people in the room (Chris, Kat, and another guy that worked there) assured me that it was fine. Let me say this now, ladies and gents, "crooked" and "off-centred" are two very different descriptive terms to describe one's bridge piercing. I sat, he clamped, breathe in, breathe out, what seemed like an eternity later (he was a slow piercer), I was done and the bar was in. It hurt no more than the inverse navel I got, bearable. I checked it out and it was straight. Me and Kat left to continue our day which is irrelevant to the story. 

Later on that night, it swelled a bit. Okay, swelling's normal. Only then did I realized it was straight but off-centred. The bar looked right from afar but the actual hole on the right side was more to the centre and wasn't parallel. I was pissed off, needless to say. I iced, it went down, I still noticed, I cried a bit, they WERE going to fix it. 

I called in the next day and Chris said to come in. He insisted it was fine, I pushed, we got the opinion of two others (one of which I thought was the owner?) and yet another, different person. The owner-looker said it was straight, did a few double takes and agreed with himself. When we asked the other person, I was told not to point to the side I thought was off and little did I know, the other guy agreed. If one person agrees, go with your gut! They said it was still swollen though and I had to wait. I was told that if anything, when the swelling went down and it WAS off, they would re-pierce it for free. Luckily for me, my friends aren't that paranoid so they all just gawked at it's awesome-niss (and the many new haters I gained can go shove a hot poker up their..), but I'm still waiting (two days later) for the swelling to go down. 

There were a few things I learned about this experience. (1) if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't (2) if you're afraid of ridicule, don't get a bridge (3) I have a new respect for people with unusual piercings because you never realize what shit they go through because of them  

Overall: I had a bad experience. I was overcharged and my piercing is off but at least I got it. I would recommend Body and Soul as a last resort. 


submitted by: Quite_Simply
on: 16 July 2012
in Bridge Piercings

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