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Sternum piercing

After moving to a new city, with my new boyfriend, to start a new job I had absolutely no experience in, I was feeling very much alone. Not knowing anyone here, I spent quite a few of my free hours browsing the internet or playing ps3 or 360 games.It was on one of my days off when I was looking at a section called unusual piercings on a random website that I saw the sternum piercing. I fell in love: it was so beautiful, so sexy, and compliments a woman's frame perfectly! I researched on bme and other sites, to find people's experiences of this piercing, and on the whole, the response seemed to be that rejection would be inevitable, and many people regretted getting it done. Even knowing this, I decided to go ahead and get it done, I was in love! After looking around I decided to go to a piercing studio called Access All Areas. They are really professional, and came highly recommended. They said they'd be able to do the piercing no problem, although I should consider microdermals instead of a surface bar because the rejection rate would be less. However, there's something about microdermals that I don't much care for. As a single point piercing they're quite useful, but for the sternum piercing I would have needed 2, and that felt wrong to me.

I made my appointment and left, counting down the days until I would be back.

Finally, the day came. I made sure to have breakfast before heading on down, as like a fool, I had booked an early slot, conveniently forgetting that I don't do mornings. I made sure I had a shirt with a large v-neck on so I wouldn't have to strip to my bra in front of the piercer and set off for the bus.

By the time I got there, I had managed to talk myself out of doing it, as I do with most piercings and especially tattoos. It'll reject, I won't be able to wear half my clothes around my parents, my boyfriend will hate it, etc. As I had booked it though, I decided to go ahead and see how I felt once I got in there, knowing I would want it again once the nice clean smell of a tattoo parlour hit me. Which is exactly what happened. I met my piercer again, and he directed me to the room I would be getting pierced in. Everything was very clean, and nicely decorated!

He sat me down, and gave me an information sheet to read, which described exactly what he would be doing during the procedure, and the aftercare that it would need. After I had read it, he then repeated everything to me in his own words, and made sure I was happy to go ahead with it, and I knew what I had to do afterwards. The whole thing didn't take much longer than 2 minutes: He used the numbing spray, and then quickly drove the needled through. I could see that it was quite tough as it took a little while, and he seemed to be using a fair bit of force. There was a slight complication when it cale to putting the jewellery through in that he suggested I use a bar with two prongs that came off at right angles to make a squared-off 'U' shape that was plastic with metal balls. However, it refused to go through the fresh piercing, and so he had to do it again at a slightly different angle. The second time, it felt quite sharp as the numbing spray was wearing off, but then the jewellery was in, and I was left with a beautiful piercing and £30 poorer. =]

The aftercare was quite easy. I made sure not to soak it in water for too long, used saltwater to clean it twice a day for the first 2 weeks, and tried to keep pressure off of it.

I'm an average size girl, but my boobs are 32H, which meant that I had to sleep in a bra for the first few weeks otherwise the weight of them would pull on the tender skin! But otherwise, I didn't have any problems with the healing, and now, 5 months on, it still looks great! It's definately my favourite so far, and just leaves me with a few more to get that I really want. My next one will hopefully be snakebites, then I just have a princess chrsitina, nostril and nipple piercings left to get done. As I work for a large pub chain, I can finally get facial piercings done without being fired, although they are still quite strict on the amount allowed. I can recommend this piercing to anyone, it looks amazing, I feel really sexy when it's on display, and I love seeing people's reactions to it when I'm out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Dec. 2011
in Body Surface Piercing

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