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My lovely venoms

Ever since seeing a photo of a girl with a venoms on bme, I wanted them. I spent hours looking at photos and reading about them, before finally contacting a piercing studio I had been to many times before in my hometown to see how much they would charge. However, the response I got back was that they wouldn't perform this piercing because it is too risky! So, I had to look around Nottingham, the city I now live in, and see where I would trust to pierce me. There were quite a few piercing studios that I heard good things about, but not having been there before, I wasn't sure if I would trust them to pierce my tongue, especially as it wasn't a standard tongue piercing that I was looking to get.

I finally settled on a studio called Access All Areas. The staff were amazingly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I asked lots of questions about the procedure, and the jewelry they would use, and was satisfied with the answers they gave me. I made an appointment for monday at 10.15am (which was tough for me, as I work in a bar and keep night hours. I'm so not a morning person. =p ) and found £70 from somewhere to cover the cost.

The day finally came, and off I went to Access, where I was told my piercer, PJ, would be with me in a minute. PJ made up the piercing pack, which included an aftercare sheet, and a certificate saying when and what I had pierced!

PJ took me up to the piercing studio, and gave me a tablet that he had dissolved in water to rinse my mouth with, and asked me to sit down while he placed gauze soaked in anesthetic on the top and bottom of my tongue. While we were waiting for this to numb my tongue, he called up his apprentice to learn how to perform a venom piercing, and put the PTFE barbells through the autoclave. He then went through what to expect from the piercing. He explained that while the anesthetic works well on tongues, Id still feel something as it can't get all the way through the muscle of the tongue. He also said that for them to be pierced, the bars would have to go on a slight angle to avoid the veins, so the top balls would be slightly further apart than the bottom balls.

Finally, it was time, and he asked me to stick my tongue out and down as far as it would go. He marked the centre of my tongue, and then a point on either side. He then checked they were even, and where they lay when my tongue was in my mouth, before marking the points on the bottom of my tongue. One last check of the veins and markings, then we were set.

He pierced them from the bottom up, and within a minute it was all done, and it didn't hurt one bit! I went to pay, and there I was, walking out the studio with my nice new piercings.

For the next few days, my tongue swelled, and I found it quite hard to eat. I learned that if I cut food up quite small and placed it onto my back molars, I was able to chew, but because of this, I couldn't really taste the food I was eating! I also stopped smoking for the first 3 days of having it pierced, and then, every time I smoked, I rinsed with diluted mouthwash. I used the same aftercare every time I ate, and when I woke up and went to sleep.

I attempted to use saltwater as I have for all my other piercings, but the taste started to make me feel sick, so I had to switch to using mouthwash. I had read from other people's experiences, that non-alcoholic mouthwash was best, but I didn't have any of that, nor could I find any at my local shop. I'd also read that watered down alcoholic mouthwash was ok, so I used that for 2 weeks, and had no problems.

After a week, the swelling went down, and after 2 weeks, I was able to get the bars shortened. It is by far my favourite piercing, apart from my sternum. It's such a sexy adornment to my tongue, and it gets quite a few looks when people notice it's there.

All in all, I'd recommend this piercing, if you're considering it, then go for it! The healing period is very quick, and the pain level is not too bad at all. Just ensure that your piercer is experienced, and remember to get some soup or easy to chew food in before the you go out at get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Sept. 2011
in Off-Center Tongue Piercings

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