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Tongue web fairy tale (don't be fooled by the title)

Fairy tale? I call it a fairy tale because like every Cinderella story, there are the bad moments and the bad guys followed by a perfect ending. This is exactly what happened to my tongue web getting pierced!

It was a long time ago (in 2006), I wanted to get pierced and back then I was only 16 years old and I needed my parents’ approval... Or did I? Fortunately for me, I was in a country where no laws are obeyed (Lebanon). So I went to one of the many tattoo / piercing shops that allowed people at any age to get modified without their parents’ permission. Of course I was glad at the time, as I was achieving my dream.

I went into the store, the guy has already pierced me and a couple of friends before (they got an eyebrow piercing and a tongue piercing and I got a surface piercing just below the navel that got rejected 6 months later leaving a scar as a sweet reminder) and it all went fine (well except for the surface piercing of course). (Side story: when I got my surface piercing, the “piercer” if you dare call him that didn’t even use the proper jewelry or didn’t even pierce it the correct way. He used a regular curved barbell and told me to keep it the whole time if I wanted to; he reassured me that it would not move. Six months later I was in Ireland for a week and went to get a regular navel piercing and the piercer FORCED me to take it out because it was clearly getting rejected. Indeed, the skin was shrinking on both sides of the piercing and a whole in the middle was forming. Check out the photo album called “piercings gone wrong” where pictures show this).

So with all the wisdom that a 16 year old has, I went into the shop and asked for a tongue web piercing. The piercer welcomed me & told me "ahhhhh yes, I've done this twice before, it's a rare one". Sixteen year old mind "yeah okay whatever man just pierce me".

We go into the sacred place where people go under the needle, of course no appointment required, and I sit there as he asked me to open my mouth. He took a superficial quick look at my tongue web then caught it with the piercing clamp. Finally, the needle in his other hand, he suddenly put it through HALF of my tongue web then took it out. "Oh, sh*t, you have a lot of veins in there and your tongue web is pretty large, let me look more closely at it in order not to burst one of them". Sure.. So he did. Second try : fail. He went halfway through, and out he went again! I laid there for about 30 minutes, mouth open, tongue web clamped and blood/saliva drooling out of my mouth onto my shirt, people coming in and out of the piercing room to see how it's going, until the guy finally pierced it. You can imagine how swollen it was after it was done. Really, it was ridiculous! My tongue web looked like a blowfish ready to burst!

I couldn't talk / eat / articulate properly for weeks, the 2 months after getting it pierced were awful: it got infected on multiple occasions and I sometimes woke up with dried blood all over my mouth. I traveled to France after that (well actually I had no choice as war has broken and I had to escape) and took the opportunity to get it checked out by a real professional piercer there. Even he didn't know what to say / do.. He just wanted me to take it out but that was out of question.

It finally healed after 2 to 3 months of constant horror scenes and here I am, 5 years later, with a healthy tongue web (I think I got pretty lucky there). I never had a problem since then, I never change the jewelry (I just clean it every one and then) and I also sometimes forget its existence. I now have a tongue piercing also (this experience was just impeccable compared to my tongue web one) that goes along perfectly with it, I love the mix of the two and how they look and feel.

So just my advice to you is: TRUST THE PIERCER AND KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Please. Getting modified is an experience you want to memorize with a smile, not with regret. Now when I want to get tattooed or pierced, I check out ALL (or almost) of the piercers/tattoo artists in town and THEN decide which one suits me the best. To me, what matters is : if the place is clean, welcoming, if it has a good portfolio and if it is honest. And most important : if I feel like I can trust the person working on me and share a human experience with him/her (especially with tattoos as sessions sometimes last for quite some time). Peace!


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on: 02 Sept. 2011
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