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Nipple Piercings- from beginning to end

After months and months of deliberation I finally decided to just go ahead and get my nipples pierced one day as I was walking home from class. I went home and decided to bring along my roommate for moral support since I heard nipple piercings were kind of painful.

With my roommate in tow, we headed over to our favorite piercing shop. It was my roommate who had gotten me into piercings and I kept it nice and simple with just my cartilage pierced and both my lobes up to 6g.

So when I got into the piercing shop it was kind of late and they were in fact in the process of closing. The piercer who was finishing up someone else said he'd be happy to squeeze me as his last piercing for the day and I was super stoked because I wasn't sure if I'd have the guts to come back the next day. So I went ahead and told him that I wanted to get them both pierced since I like symmetry and didn't like the idea of only having one pierced. So he says, "Alright let's take a look at your nipples." I had been wearing just a zip up sweatshirt to make things easier and not have to worry about taking my shirt off and on and potentially getting caught on something. So he looks at my nipples and decides we should use a 12g to make sure we minimize the risk of migration and as soon as he said 12g I looked at him wide eyed and knew it was going to hurt.

Next we headed into the piercing room and he first sit up on the table while he marked where the piercings would be with a toothpick and some ink. Then I lied down on the table and since I had fairly loose nipples he decided not to use clamps and just used his hands, which I kind of liked since it made the whole experience seem a little more organic. Finally, he has me take a deep breath, and exhale on the count of three at which point he would be inserting the needle. "Inhale...Exhale on, three, two, one..." HOLY MOTHER FUCKING CRAP!! It was way more painful than I had expected and all I could think say was "FUCK! I'm going to have to do this again aren't I?" That's when my piercer started laughing and said, "Yeah a lot of people begin to reconsider piercing the second nipple after finding out what it feels like on the first. By that same token, some people who were on the fence decided to just get it done and over with and do both that same day so they don't have to go through the pain on another occasion."

I definitely wanted to go ahead and get the pain done so I told him to continue. Next he went ahead and put the piece of jewelry into the piercing, while my friend is saying "Wow that's a lot of blood." To which I'll say, it was and it wasn't. I mean it looked like a lot potentially since it was like dripping down, but it lasted all of a second and didn't continue once the jewelry was in. He recommended I go with a straight barbell since it had a smaller chance of getting snagged on things versus a CBR or a curved barbell and I agreed with him. Him inserting the jewelry through the guide actually wasn't painful and it went really quickly.

Next we did my other nipple. Now, with this nipple there was a bit of a problem. We went through the same steps--he counted down, inserted the needle, I winced and then he proceeded to insert the jewelry. However, while inserting the jewelry he says "Oops." And I immediately think, "Oops? WTF does this guy mean oops?" I mean he's in the middle of fiddling with my damn nipple which has a 12g hole in it and he says "Oops" So I look up at him (I had been starting at the ceiling) and he says, "Don't worry I just lost the guide in the piercing. Let me just get a taper and we'll get it fixed in one sec." So now I'm sitting there while this guy goes to find a taper to finish guiding the jewelry through the piercing since one end of it had ended up going back inside the piercing and my friend is just staring at me with a pained look on her face as she sees blood dripping from the piercing. After some painful fiddling with my piercing the guy gets the jewelry in and fastens it tight and cleans off the blood.

I stand up and admire my piercings in the mirror and really like how they look. The placement looks great in terms of angles. They're not perfectly horizontal and have a nice slant in them. I realized he had never really asked me what kind of angle I wanted them pierced at and l guess I looked out in that I really liked the placement and wouldn't have wanted it any other way, but I made a note to myself that for any future piercings I would be much more mindful of that sort of thing. We finally went to the cash register to check out and the piercer apologized for losing the guide in my piercing. He said he hadn't eaten since lunch and he was a little shaky and probably should have eaten something before piercing me. I appreciated his honesty and all in all things worked out for the best so I didn't really mind.

The piercings ended up healing very well, albeit very slowly. I ended up keeping them in for about a year and a half before I finally tried changing the jewelry. I thought it had been long enough, but apparently in my body's case it was not because the hole managed to shrink so quickly that 5 minutes later when I tried to insert the new jewelry I wasn't able to and almost passed out from the pain of trying to force them through. They ended up closing up completely over the next months and at this point they've healed pretty much to the point where you can't tell they were pierced. They both have a tiny bit of scar tissue that you can feel, but nothing you can see. Someday soon I hope to muster up the courage to go get them pierced again, although this time I think I'll do it at a 14g. And without a shaky, starving piercer.


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on: 23 Aug. 2011
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