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My Lovely Venoms

I finally got venoms today ^_^ It was so fucking amazing. These are my 18th piercings. I have dahlias, snake bites, angel bites, septum, eyebrow, 5/8 ear lobes, navel, and nipple piercings, and now venoms. The first studio I was planning on going to was recommended by my sister who's gotten pierced there. I called before hand to ask how much the venoms were going to cost, and the piercer who answered had no idea what those were. I had to explain to him, and then he said that those were too risky and he wouldn't do them. I was seriously let down.

I remembered a tattoo parlor close by where my other sister and her husband had gotten tattoos done, and they recommended it as well. I called, and they knew exactly what I was talking about! They were even cheaper than at the other place! When I got there I knew I had come to the right place. The piercer was so bad ass and nice. He explained to me the whole deal with tongue piercings, but he laughed at himself, as he was sure that with the many piercings I already had, I knew exactly what to expect.

I was still very nervous about getting my tongue pierced. I had gotten my nipples done just fine, but this seemed totally different. Before I went, I also took 1 mg of Klonopin to calm my nerves. After I signed all the paper work and he got everything ready, he called me to the back and examined my tongue. He said I had an awesome tongue with so much room and not that many veins. (: We were then talking about all the different piercings we had, and I asked him if it was going to hurt more than nipple piercings. He said in a low voice, "these are the most painful piercings ever." I looked at him with a smirk, and we busted out laughing. He was kidding of course. :D

He had me rinse my mouth with Listerine and then had me lay down. He pulled my tongue out, checked it one more time, and then put the clamp on. He had me breathe in and as soon as he told me to breathe out, he stuck the needle through. I swear, Biting my tongue hurt waaaay worse than that needle going through there. He stuck the jewelry in and then had my tongue "relax" for a moment. He smiled and asked if I was ready for the next, and I said of course!! He put the clamp on and had me breathe in and out again, and this time it did hurt a little bit. Almost as if I had bit my tongue. But in an instant, the jewelry was through, and it was all done.

He told me that it would swell alot, and that it would maybe bleed periodically. To rinse with alcohol free mouthwash after every cigarette, food, and everything besides water. If I did happen to have mouthwash with alcohol, he said to dilute it with water. Basically the same things to follow as with any oral piercing.

He then got his camera out and took a picture. They look awesome he said. He gave me his card, and if I needed anything, he said to call the shop and ask for Matty Massacre, the dude with the big ear lobes. I was super pleased with their service. For piercings and tattoos, I would recommend this place a million and one times to everyone!

It's been a couple of hours since I got them done, and so far no swelling. It's a bit hard to talk but I'm sure I can manage. I love my venoms to fucking death now, and I am so fucking happy!

If you want to get venoms, I say fucking go for it! You have nothing to be scared of! At first I was so worried that it would hurt or that I would bleed a lot, but compared to my other piercings, this didn't hurt at all, and my piercer was so fucking awesome at doing this, so I practically didn't bleed at all. Of course I know that everyone has different pain tolerances, but really, if you are interested in these sexy and unique piercings, fucking get them. You will not regret it! As of now, these are my new favorite piercings.

I feel fucking complete now. So if you need any other details, or information on these amazing piercings, just fucking talk to me (; I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything, but I know, that these piercings are the fucking sex, and like I said, anyone who wants to get them should fucking get them. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. So fucking brilliant amazing awesome sexy unique daring bold hot fuckiiing the shit!!


submitted by: LehxxiieBallzackBoehner
on: 30 July 2011
in Off-Center Tongue Piercings

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Artist: Matty Massacre
Studio: Texas Traditions Tattoo
Location: Humble, Tx

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