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The one that did not like me - at first.

I’ve already had my earlobes done at the age of 12, then my helix at 18 and my eyebrow at 21. As I got my Eyebrow Piercing, my dad almost kicked me out. I had almost finished my apprenticeship and was about to start my new job at his office (for we work together with our customers every day and he thinks the dislike piercings and tattoos as he does).

So I had to stop for a moment with visible piercings. After a while I got my nipples pierced like I was a dependant to my piercing obsession. When they were fully healed I was already looking for another easy piercing located invisibly.

I liked the idea of tongue piercings but was careful about my teeth (my mum is a general practitioner and always too careful) and so waited on until I came about the tongue web…

The only studio which I’d advise to anybody was where I went to have it realized. Ralf (the piercer) first had to suggest me that a bead ring was what I wanted instead of a curved barbell. And a few minutes later I was the proud owner of my 13th piercing.

All happy I passed the Saturday afternoon in town with a friend of mine. As dinnertime arrived I had a careful meal and was all terrified when I realized the sensation of a loose ball at the tip of my tongue. Horror! I cleaned my mouth and tried to get the tiny ball back in. I didn’t get very far and had the rest of my jewelry between my fingers. I tried to get it back in but had no suiting tools.

Hopeful I dialed the mobile number of Ralf (he always gives it along in case of…) … but only the voice box answered. I told my story and sent another short message, tried to reach his colleague mentioned on his business card who didn’t answer his phone either.

Dissatisfied I returned to the film I was watching with my friend. A few minutes later Roland (Ralfs college associate called. I explained my problem. So he told me to visit the studio again on Monday even though it was a holiday. Terrible timing – Mondays I had had to be 300 kilometers away for the next 3 weeks. So he told me to return when I was back.

3 weeks later. Saturday afternoon. I headed back to my favorite piercing studio, again accompanied by my dear friend. It was Ralf again and he was sorry to have made one of his rare mistakes (he hadn’t quite closed the ring enough) and went for the piercing once again. With a curved barbell this time. Once again I was all happy and passed a nice afternoon. In the evening I went to my music club to start a nice evening with friends early, when I realized with horror I had a loose ball under my tongue. Again.

I went to the ladies room, cleaned my hands and tried to get the little screw back on. And again I failed. The barbell slipped. But this time I got it back inserted but couldn’t close it on my own. I was about to give up when the girl from the counter entered the lavatory. <> she said hallo. I explained that I had again lost one fresh piercing what seemed not to like me. She took a look. <> she suggested, explaining that she was a piercer too.

The hygienic circumstances were marginal terribly, but she too cleaned her hands, asked me to put the jewelry back in and tried to close the screw. When she told me she’d rather put in a bead ring and didn’t achieve our goal I got the old bead ring I still had in my pocket out. She stretched the ring between her teeth so that the ball would stay in better, handed it to me and asked me to put it in. this time I succeeded. Expert she put in the ball and told me to clean my mouth with the lavage the piercer had handed me. Back at the bar she gave me huge glass filled with ice cubes and water and my evening could continue.

Several hours later my friend entered the club and asked me how my tongue web was. He started staring after he discovered the bead ring that was hidden under my tongue. I explained and he nearly wouldn’t believe I still wanted to have this piercing after I had lost it twice.

But this time I kept it. I still have it. And my parents haven’t discovered it yet though we pass a lot of time together. I call it my secret piercing like I found one bme member called it.


submitted by: the biting girl
on: 10 July 2011
in Tongue Related Piercings

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miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:57 p.m.
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