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Fourth Time's the Charm...Nipple Piercing Oddessy

This is the story of my four year, four-times pierced journey to finally having female nipple piercings.

I decided to get my nipples pierced not long after my first piercing (nostril). I was 31 at the time. My breasts and nipples are both very large, but not that sensitive. I read that piercing them would make them much more sensitive and decided to go for it. I read that healing could take a long time, and since I wasn't sexually active at the time, it seemed like a good time to go for it.

The first time I got them pierced, I went to a place I found online. I was very nervous. I didn't know anyone else who was into body modification, and my source of information was the internet. At the time, it seemed like like a really extreme piercing (oh, how things change!). I chose the place I went to because when I looked at their site online, they had pictures of female genital piercings. I figured that if they did genital piercings, they shouldn't look at me too funny when I asked for my nipples done.

The piercer spent a long time talking to me about aftercare (about an hour). I later discovered that most of what he recommended was correct. He also used good, sterile techniques. He then finally piercing the nipples using 14 guage 1/2" CBRs. I paid and left (unfortunately, this was before I knew to tip). He even scheduled a follow-up appointment. So I figured he knew what he was doing.

I discovered from friends I'd met online that the rings he used were too small. I ordered and inserted larger rings. I discovered from painful experience that I don't like healing my nipples using rings. They inevitable slide around, drag lymph into my piercings, and generally hurt like hell despite wearing a bra. They also had a tendency to stick straight out and didn't want to lie flat (probably because they were too small). After about a month, I took them out.

Of course, then I decided I wanted to try again! This time I decided to get pierced with barbells. The piercer recommended 12 gauge, so that's what I went with. By now I knew a lot more about piercing, so I went to a piercer recommended by my tattoo artist who is also a member of APP (he was focused more on tattooing at the time, which is why he didn't do their piercing himself). The piercing and healing process both went well. The barbells were definitely much more comfortable and I really wish I had left them in, as they were nearly completely healed when I took them out almost 6 months later. But I felt strange walking around as a Christian women with nipple rings, so I removed them. (Yes, I am still a Christian.)

Third piercing: by now I had met my husband, who is also a Christian and has pierced nipples himself. I was really excited to get them repierced. I went to a third piercer (now my regular one) who is also a member of APP, and got pierced using 12guage barbells again. This time was a disaster (not the piercer's fault). First, my left breast swelled like mad, so I had to switch to longer bars. I should have gone in and had him do it, since it would have been free, but I did it myself. I ended up changing jewelry too often. I have always thought that rings were very sexy, so I put some in even though as I mentioned above I find them uncomfortable. Also, I let my husband play with and lick my boobs after a couple months.

About 3 months or so into healing, my left boob suddenly got very hot and painful. I took out the piercing (stupid idea!!!). The redness started streaking across my breast and was probably about 2 inches in size, so my husband made me go to the doctor. Luckily, the doctor did not make a big deal out the fact that I'd had my nipple pierced, but it turned out I had cellulitis, and I almost had to have surgery for an abscess. I had to get a breast ultrasound and take both IV and oral antibiotics and very high doses. If I'd had better insurance I probably would have wound up in the hospital.

But every time I looked at my husband's nipple piercings, I missed mine. I think nipple piercings are very sexy. And as I mentioned, my breasts are not that sensitive. Without my bars in, my nipples were flat. So after thinking a LONG time, I got them repierced. This time I am being fanatical about aftercare. I've only changed jewelry once; when the long initial bar snagged on something, I changed to a shorter bar. I've continued my aftercare, using H2Ocean spray and saline soaked Qtips to gently wipe lymph off the bars and touching/sliding/rotating them as little as possible. I wear a tank top or bra to bed every night and my husband has not touched them. It's been three months and they are healing beautifully with no problems at all. I intend to keep up my aftercare until a full 6 months.

So female nipples are quite an oddessy to heal but I think it is worth it and I plan to keep these in!


submitted by: goldshadow
on: 27 June 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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