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Finally I get my nipples done

I have wanted to get my nipples pierced for several years now, thinking back probably at least since 2003. I was beginning to loose count of the number of times I came close to doing it only to pull back at the last moment because I just couldn't go that little bit further.

Why did I want to get them pierced so much? I just did, for want of a better way of putting it. Nipple piercings were definately my favourite, probably in part because of the erotic value and the fact they could be kept secret : my secret and no-one else would know. Now that I have them, though, I do find they are sometimes visible through shirts and t-shirts. I was a bit self-conscious at first when I realised, however now I'm not bothered as much about the "three nipples on each side" look. I did want to be pierced with rings but went for barbells, given that everything I've seen indicates that to be the best for nipples. Perhaps when they're healed I'll change to rings. If I don't go for rings I'd like to get either nipple shields or stretch them. My "nipple project" you could say. I can't really have any visible piercings because of work and other than perhaps a small eyebrow piercing there isn't really anything that appeals hugely to me as much as nipple piercings do. Microdermals though, perhaps?

I got my piercings in two different places : Punktured in Brighton, England and Velvet Tattoo, also in Brighton. Punktured was very good. I went in a few hours beforehand to ask if they had any availability that day and they did, later in the afternoon. I put myself down for a slot and off I went to enjoy the town until then. Brighton is a lovely place, by the sea and when the weather is nice and it's the weekend, it gets popular with daytrippers. It was busy that day as well, a recent bank holiday. I studied in Brighton as a student (it has two universities) and from time to time I go back there just to experience the place again. It has a nice, laid-back feel to it.

But anyhow, the afternoon wore on and I remember thinking "another three hours, another two hours, another hour". I thought I would just chicken out again and not go but in the end I pushed myself to go there, even if I was a few minutes late (last minute nerves?)and as I got there the woman who would be piercing me asked if I was who she thought I was. I filled out all the forms, got information about aftercare and through I went to the room.

She asked me to take my top off, marked me and checked the dots in a mirror. They seemed alright and I lay down on the chair. I was quite nervous and she could see that. She was very patient, said it's entirely up to me. She put the clamp on a few times and each time I expressed doubts she took it off. That was definately the most painful part. Within just a second or two you certainly feel it. Suddenly I am pierced. I really did not feel the needle go through. Was it the adrenalin or the fact the clamp was already painful? I dare to look down and there's a bar in my nipple, with the left ball shortly to be screwed on. After gathering my thoughts and talking to her a bit I was on my way again, having paid.

Perhaps it is unusual but I hardly had any problems to speak of. No gunk, no nasties, nothing. No real pain to speak of either and no blood.

I got my right nipple pierced six weeks later at Velvet Tattoo in Brighton. By now I was a lot less nervous, in fact probably not nervous at all as I knew what to expect. Velvet Tattoo is above a hairdressers in Brighton and run by a friendly woman named Eve who sold her studio in another town before moving to Brighton. I first went in to ask the price and then went off to get some money but...nearly backed out again...so I turned around, got the money and went back. The piercing on this occasion was a bit more bloody than the first one but that went after a few days and I haven't had any blood since. I certainly felt it more when it was done compared with the first one.

With both piercings I have had seen what looks like the ends of a fistula forming (a minutely small bit of black scab at each hole) and I certainly can feel it with the left one when I touch it. Other than that no problems, nothing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2011
in Standard Male Nipple Piercings

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