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My lovely venoms.

I've always been a big fan of unusual things; I love people reacting to me like they've never seen something before, so obviously I've never been a big fan of central tongue piercings. I wanted to push my love of unusual piercings even further, and after looking around online, I fell in love with the idea of venoms. I'd never seen anyone in real life with them before, and they looked so much sexier and attractive than a silly old central one.

Being 16 and still at school, I didn't have much money, so I decided to get them done one at a time. The idea of having a super swollen tongue from two piercings was a bit scary too, so having them separately made more sense. So one afternoon, I headed down to Punktured with a friend, and told the piercer exactly what I wanted. He was really reassuring and enthusiastic about it, so I felt pretty relaxed when he checked my tongue with a light for major veins and dried off any excess saliva.

The actual piercing was REALLY painful. Because the muscle is so thick, there was a great deal of pressure and pulling, but it was over fairly quickly and I couldn't have been happier! Sadly, the healing was a total bitch. It was so strange trying to get used to having something in your tongue, swallowing ibuprofen and even water was extremely difficult for a few days! As the muscle was so sore from its massive injury, I had to survive on soup and mashed potato for around two weeks. Good news for girls who want to diet, but very bad because all you want to do is bite into a juicy old steak! There's only so much mush someone can take. Talking was also very difficult as any movement was extremely painful, I got a few giggles with my slurred words, but that was only for a week or so.

So fast forward four months, when I finally saved enough money to undergo the same torture again. I went back to Punktured like before, but had a different piercer. I've never had a bad experience there before, but sadly this second time wasn't exactly the most pleasant ordeal...I was feeling fairly confident at first, as I knew what to expect. I was a little nervous about the pain, but I felt much more relaxed.

It all started to go downhill from the moment I sat in the chair. She didn't check my tongue for large veins like before, simply marked, clamped, and got to work. She pushed the needle halfway through, and then began to wiggle it around! She explained that she was trying to feel if there were any veins in the way. This meant that it was EXTREMELY painful, even worse than before, and it took around two minutes of total agony. I also had the embarrassment of being pretty drooly, as my tongue was hanging out my mouth for such a long time.

The second healing was a little odd, as I felt no pain or discomfort for a week afterwards. I managed to carry on as if nothing was any different, but then it hit me! The healing process was much longer and much more painful than the first time, I can remember having many incredibly sore, sleepless nights and many tears cried on my mum's shoulder because eating, drinking, talking, even BREATHING was excruciating. The nights were the worst; I'd wake up and not be able to get back to sleep due to the extreme ache in my mouth. I panicked a few times, considered taking it out, or even seeing a doctor because it hurt so badly. But I persevered, it would be a waste of time and money if I gave up, and it was healing normally so there was really no need to cause such a fuss.

Since then, I've had a lot of problems with the second piercing; it got infected a few times a couple of years afterwards, perhaps because of its crooked, rough tunnel which is probably ideal for bacteria and other nasties. I also have a lot of trouble changing the jewellery in that side, as the hole isn't totally straight and the bar gets stuck halfway through. I’ve had a few times where it’s taken me an hour of panicking to get it back in!

Believe me, I LOVE my venoms to bits, I love people's reactions to it. It's been three years now, and they haven't caused me any grief since the first year. I can deal with not taking the bars out as it's really just the balls that need changing. I had my smiley pierced briefly, and all that metal in my mouth looked awesome! After a lot of my money, and after the most painful experience of my life, I can safely say I am NEVER taking these out because they were totally worth it!


submitted by: babykins
on: 29 May 2011
in Off-Center Tongue Piercings

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Artist: Tom & Julie
Studio: Punktured
Location: Brighton

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 @11:47 a.m.
oh my o.o hehe i gotta admit, your experience worries me quite a bit.. i'm going to get venoms but woah lol (: was the piercing itself more painful than the healing?

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