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Tongue Web Piercing

About a year and a half ago, I became obsessed with piercings. I would browse BME all the time, reading stories and looking at all the pictures. At the time, I had two standard lobe piercings on each ear, and a belly button piercing (which went horribly wrong, by the way, but I'll save that for another stoy). Now, my parents were quite strict, and only just allowed me to get my second lobes done the year before (and the belly button was done without their permission), but I really wanted to get a new piercing. I was a bit scared to get a septum piercing, and didn't think it would suit me, be a tounge web piercing seemed easily hideable, and just really badass. So I enquired at Cambridge Body Art, to see if they even did it, and then scrimped and saved the $50 I needed. Then I made an appointement for one evening and arranged to stay at my best friend's place for that night.

It all worked out well actually. The day of the piercing, we had to go to Auckland to pick my brother up from an overseas class trip. I had calculated that we'd be back in time, but I was worried my parents would want me to stay at home in the evening and have dinner and spend time with my brother. They didn't, so I showed a bit of interest, so it didn't look like I was running away, and then left.

At the piercing studio, I was so nervous. I had been practicing holding up my tongue in the days leading up to it. Tane, my piercer, said he'd done them a couple of times before, but told me he would only do it with a ring, as a bar was way too fiddly. I felt a bit disappointed, as I really wanted a bar in it, but I went ahead.

I sat in the chair, and Tane clamped my webbing, which hurt more than I expected. The needle went through (which wasn't so bad, like I'd read on BME), and he turned to get the jewellry. I tried my hardest to keep my tongue up and not move it, which I thought I was doing a pretty good job of, until he turned back and said that the little plastic part that was through the hole isn't there anymore, and he'd have to do it again. I said okay, and prepared myself for the discomfort of having my tongue web re-pierced. I could not have prepared myself for how much I drooled. I knew there would be a lot, and I'd read that it was crazy, but you really have to experience it for yourself to understand. The way I describe it is like a waterfall; there is just a constant flow of saliva falling over your lips, dribbling down your chin, landing on your clothes. It's disgusting, and embarrassing. I said "Ugnnn! Agrrrrnn!" (which is pretty much the extent of your vocabulary when you're trying to keep your tongue held to the roof of your mouth) and motioned for Kirsty to get me some more paper towels from the dispenser on the wall.

Of course, it wasn't over yet. We'd lost the hole once more. Tane asked if I wanted to try again. I knew that if I gave up now, I would be put off every trying again, so I said yes, but took a break first. It was kind of tiring! This time, I lay down while he pierced it, and it worked! I was really glad I didn't have to do that AGAIN. I looked in the mirror, and was so pleased- I even decied that the ring looked cooler than the bar anyway. I actually couldn't stop looking in the mirror at it all week.

For aftercare, I was told to rinse with diluted Listerine after eating or drinking ANYTHING. So Kirsty and I went to the supermarket and got some food for dinner that I could eat, and some Listerine, on the way home. Talking was easy enough straigh after; it felt a bit funny and painful, but it was okay. Eating was quite tricky though; I ate mac and cheese for dinner and it took me ages, just because I had to think about what my tongue was doing, and remind myself that the ring under my tongue was attached, and not food. Kirsty and I had planned to watch a DVD later, but I left it at home and had to go back and get it. I was so terrifed my parents would be able to tell, but I managed to talk to them briefly without them noticing a thing. Success! The next day I went home and was able to eat and talk well enough to seem normal.

It was weird having to Listerine every single time I ate, and having to take it with me to school, but it only took a couple of weeks to heal. In the following month, if I talked too much, it would still hurt, so I had to give it a rest sometimes. I loved showing people, who didn't expect it, or didn't know that you could get this sort of piercing. I showed a friend who really doesn't like piercings in general; he just about screamed and jumped back and said it was disgusting. It was hilarious, the look on his face was priceless! Another girl asked "What is even the point in that?!" But I really liked it and even though it wasn't really visible, that was as good a reason as any to have it.

A few months later, I had to go to the dentist. I tried to avoid it, but Mum made me an appointment. I was worried that she'd tell me to take it out, or worse, tell my mum! But it was fine. She said "Oh, that's an interesting piercing, how long have you had that?" and then I asked her what dental complications it would have. She told me she'd prefer I didn't have it at all, but just not to keep it in for longer than five years, which I could live with. I also asked her not to mention it to my mum, and the promised she wouldn't. So it all went down better than expected.

In all the year and a half I had it, no one noticed it unless I showed them. Mum caught a glimpse of it last year sometime, while talking about another piercing I'd gotten. She said "Oh, you haven't gone and got your tongue pierced too, have you?!" So I stuck out my tongue and said "No, look." That was the closest she ever got to finding out. To date it's been my favourite piercing. My girlfriend Chrissy had to help me take it out a few months ago, because it was rubbing and starting to hurt, and I don't plan on getting it done again- too much hassle! I do miss it though :(

(Also, I got a tattoo done by Tane last week. He didn't recognise me, but did remember this particular piercing when I reminded him. I was told he doesn't do tongue web piercings anymore :/ )


submitted by: annalese
on: 19 May 2011
in Tongue Related Piercings

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Artist: Tane Baylis
Studio: Cambridge Body Art
Location: Cambridge, New Zealand

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