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Bloody Conch

I decided to get my second conch pierced recently. The first one is over a year old and has healed nicely. After getting the first one done I waited 6 months to change it to a ring. I waited long enough for the piercing to heel and not form any scars. The ring looked really pretty. However after some time I felt that my look wasn’t very symmetrical. I wanted the piercing on my other ear too. So I decided that I’d go back to a post and get my I went to my local shop and by chance got the same piercer who did my first conch. I was not nervous at all because I knew what to expect.

My cleaned my ear and told me not to touch it again. Then my piercer made certain as best as possible that both of my conches would be symmetrical. He looked back and forth from ear to ear for a good while before marking the area. Then he asked me to take a look in the mirror to see what I thought. To me the spot looked good. I sat back in my chair and began to breathe in and out calmly. First I felt pressure from the receiving tube. Then he told me he would use the needle and to take a deep breath in and when I breathed out I would be pierced. The piercing went very smoothly and there was hardly any pain just that feeling of excitement. He helped tried to clean the marks off of my ear and then asked me to look in the mirror. My conch looked gorgeous just like the other side. It was pierced with a 14g ball post.

That night I cleaned it with a warm sea-salt solution. There was a little pain and swelling also I noticed some blood. I went to bed and tried to lie on my side that wasn’t freshly pierced. When I woke up to get ready for class the next morning everything felt fine. However, when I went to clean my ear the back was covered in hard dark blood. It must have bleed pretty badly over night. I never experienced this with my first conch piercing. I soaked it for a few minutes and then ran warm salt water over the back of my ear for another few minutes. It seemed fine when I left the house. That afternoon I checked my ear in the bathroom. Once again there was a lot of blood. I took a paper towel with warm water and dabbed the blood of the back of my ear. My ear was tender but not very painful. That cleaned up the blood for the most part. But I could tell the piercing was still bleeding because of the tiny spots of blood on the towel. When I got home that night I soaked it in sea salt solution and made extra care not to sleep on that side. I woke up to less blood, but still bleeding and tender.

Now about a week later I am still experiencing trace amounts of blood and I sometimes have the “crusties”, but I believe it is heeling well. It’s no longer sore at all but the piercing still seems a tad bit swollen and stiff. There are many reasons this conch could have bleed more than the other. But, I believe it may have bleed so much more because of my health. I wasn’t eating right for awhile and not in taking all of my essential vitamins so this could have affected the healing of my piercing. I clean my piercing every day with warm sea salt. I try not to fiddle with it too much in the day other than when I’m cleaning it. In about 6 months I may switch to a ring. I like the way rings sit in conch piercings. Also I think I’m done with piercing my ears. I have two conch piercings, three helix piercings, one daith piercing, and three lobe piercings on each ear with the first pair stretched to 5/8 inch. My goal sizes for my ears are ¾ inch so I may stretch all of my piercings to 14g so they will be all of the same size. However, my daith piercing that I wrote about is still sore. I recently switched the jewelry in that from a ball closer ring to a banana barbell. It’s still sore so luckily the soaks I do with my new conch also help with my inner daith. I have gotten a lot of positive compliments about my ear piercings. I feel complete with the piercings I have now. I just can’t wait for them to be fully healed and for all the tenderness to go away finally.


submitted by: Feral_
on: 12 May 2011
in Conch Piercings

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