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Rib Tattoos Really Do Hurt!

I always wanted a tattoo, but never knew what to get one of. I could never think of something I would want on my body for the rest of my life, I obviously am very indecisive over permanent things. I figured I'd just go through life being one of those people that always played with piercings rather than tattoos, because those are the safer option if you happen to dislike them.

This idea stuck for a while, until my dad unfortunately and unexpectedly passed away while he was living in Florida. This tore me up for quite sometime. I had an extremely hard time coping with it. All of his things from Florida had to come up to Indiana. We got everything up here, got the funeral planned out and taken care of, and got everything else we needed to do out of the way before we even touched his stuff we had brought up.

A few months later me and my mother decided to look through his stuff to figure out what needed to be thrown away or kept. I stumbled across a pile of papers that I was just sifting through, when I found a sticky note he had written on. I fell in love with the quote, which read "The goal is not to live forever, The goal is to create something that will", instantly. I knew I had heard it before and I was dying to figure out what it was from. I looked it up right away and realized it was from one of my favorite authors, Chuck Palahniuk's, books. It happened to be one of his only books I hadn't read, called Diary.

I finally located the book, read it and absolutely loved it. I decided that I wanted this on my body, forever. My shoulder seemed to be the best place for it, I don't know why but that seemed right. I went around to tattoo shops a few months later and had it priced at several. Ultimately, they told me it was going to have to be much bigger so it wouldn't blur together down the road. This disappointed me, I didn't want a tattoo on one of my shoulders that was going to go half way into the middle of my back! That wouldn't be symmetrical at all. So I decided I needed to find another place to put it, where it was still kind of a hidden thing, because I wanted this particular one to be kind of private, because it meant so much to me.

I go back up to have it priced at a shop in Covington, Kentucky called Mother's Tattoo. They were very helpful in placing it so it wouldn't look funny, or go against the natural curves of my body. I scheduled an appointment for the next week.

Tuesday, May 10th rolls around. This is the date I'm supposed to get inked up, and needless to say, I'm one nervous lady. I made the mistake of telling my friends where I was getting my tattoo, and they made sure to tell me multiple times that getting a tattoo on my ribs was going to hurt terribly. I thought I was going to be able to get through the pain just fine, seeing as I have what I consider a high pain tolerance.

Here we go, I'm on the table, and Meghan's telling me about how once this tattoo's over with I can get one anywhere else on my body and barely feel it. This is when I started to get worried. If a girl who's completely covered in tattoos is telling me this one is going to hurt the worst, I'm scared.

She gets me ready to be tattooed, and puts the needle to my skin, drawing the first line.

OUCH! And how long do I have to go through this?! "I can always tell her to stop" was in the back of my mind the entire time. "No. I'm doing this, and I'm doing this now", finally replaced that thought. There was no going back. This was for my dad and it was going to be well worth it by the time it was over. I didn't care what it took anymore.

My tattoo is three lines all together, the whole time she would work on the top line for a little while (which hurt the most) and then switch down to one of the others to give me a little bit of a break, which was much appreciated. Some spots were completely unbearable, if she pressed hard enough I could feel my entire ribcage vibrating. Imagine an electric turkey carver on your ribs.. that's about what it felt like. The needle felt like it was slicing my skin, rather than it being like a bee sting, which is what some of my friends had compared it to. An hour and fifteen minutes pass, and she tells me she's just got to finish filling in the lines on the top and I'll finally be done. I hadn't spoken a word up to this point, this is where I started to relax a little bit. The filling in process didn't hurt as terribly as the lines did, but it was still rather painful.

Finally she tells me I'm all done. I hop off the table after she cleans me up a bit, and I looked into the mirror. I was in love. The hour and a half of feeling like I was being sliced over was finally over, and completely worth it. I love this tattoo and I will be getting more in the future, I guarantee that.


submitted by: JustLikeClockwork
on: 13 May 2011
in Lettering Tattoos

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