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First Piercing-Cheeks

So, I just recently over the last year or so discovered this big wide world of body modification, since the mainstream teaches us that brushing your hair, wearing clothes, etc. is 'normal' and not modifying. I have always enjoyed looking at others tattoos and trying to figure out what the image is of (my dad has a few tattoos that I loved to see) and how some piercings worked with one's anatomy and allowed them to still function normally (in society and biologically).

Anyways, when my 18th birthday rolled around I figured I had enough freedom to get a piercing without having to remove it. I had pierced my own ears several times over the years- each time being told I could not keep them in and once I was even threatened with the cops to take out a safety pin i shoved through my ear. Also, it would usually get infected pretty soon. I also pierced my brother's ears and had him do mine before, but for some reason mine would never stay. So at one point I just thought I couldn't have metal in my body without rejection. Once I found out there was a community and a word for body modifications I started some heavy research on both sides of the spectrum. So after a bunch of research on what you can get pierced,aftercare,piercing technique,how many people in different regions have what tattooed, etc. I decided that I really wanted to get my cheeks pierced. I did not want them pierced for the simple fact that I had never physically seen someone with cheek piercings or that it is a fairly new piercing, but because they were the most beautifying in my eyes- also, I was very curious as to how one could live with metal going through their cheeks (like eating). Needless to say, friends and family strongly advised me to not go through with it for whatever reasons. But we only have one physical body to truly enjoy life with, so after careful consideration.. I said- 'Fuck you! It's my body!' After a few months of making sure I truly wanted this and to show others, specifically my mom, that I wasn't just going to want it until I got it. I shopped around to find a reasonable price- I found prices ranging from two hundred dollars to as little as thirty a cheek. (Do remember though, you get what you pay for!)

I was on my way to the tattoo studio, finally. The employees in the studio I went to (I think it was Planet Ink in Kennesaw, GA) were very interested in the fact that I had no tattoos, no piercings, not even my ears done! One of them (an apprentice I believe) had some heavy visible modifications (facial scarification, facial tattoos, neck tattoos, head tattoos, etc.) and squirmed at the thought of a needle going through his cheeks, which I found to be pretty damn amusing. As for pain, I believe I have a high threshold- though the adrenaline does help. So the first cheek (right) was painless, I only felt my skin moving. The second cheek (left) however, was not pleasant..It wasn't excruciatingly painful, but it wasn't ecstasy either :P. The piercer kinda pulled the needle back in some once it went thru and redirected it a little to the side. Pretty much instantly I had the 'dimple effect' I was hoping for. The swelling afterwards wasn't too bad and the healing period (still healing a bit) hasn't been bad. Eating in the beginning was annoying and laughing hurt my face, but nothing you can't live with.

Some may think that getting your cheeks pierced before even having your lobes done is a bit silly, but I did my research and really LOVEEE my cheek piercings and do not plan on retiring them anytime in the near future (if ever- if that's possible). It has been 6-7 months since they were pierced and I haven't had a lot of issues that I've read/heard about. Anyway, that is my cheek piercing story :) It is a very cute piercing that I recommend to most! If you want this piercing then be sure to REALLY want it though, even if you take out your jewelry or let the holes close up - you will still have a dimple effect! I do not know if it will ever go away naturally, but there is like..one guy that knows how to reverse the dimple I think. Everyone has different amounts of tissue in different parts of their bodies, so remember that your dimpling effect will not look the same as someone else who you've seen. Also, the placement (too far back is dangerous) has great effect on the look of your artificial 'dimples'.

I wouldn't advise one to get their cheeks pierced just to have dimples, then take out the jewelry once they have the effect- for the sole purpose of the riskiness of this piercing. And make sure you go to someone who has had experience!!


submitted by: ModyFyed
on: 22 April 2011
in Cheek Piercings

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