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FINALLY; my septum.

I've been into body modification seriously for the last 6 years or so. But most people wouldn't guess that by just looking at me, given that up until recently, I had only the standard lobe piercings. Lack of funds and being on a seemingly endless job-hunt have been the biggest roadblocks on my path to modded bliss.

Getting my septum pierced was already something I had planned on, but I only recently decided to go through with it. It seemed like the most viable option for my current situation, since I need something I could hide when going to turn in job apps or for interviews. So there, it was decided. I already knew that I wanted to get it done at Body Manipulations in San Francisco (which is an awesome studio that I recommend to anyone in the bay area) so I called a friend and arranged to meet her one of the upcoming weekends.

When the day finally came, I hopped on the caltrain for the hour and a half long ride, trying not to die of excitement the whole way. After meeting up with my friend, all my hopes promptly came crashing down. I realized I'd forgotten to bring my id.

Yeah, you read that right. Sometimes, I amaze myself with my ability to screw myself over.

I felt so stupid that I had forgotten pretty much the most important thing, but we figured it was worth a go to swing by the shop anyway and see if they might accept an alternate form of id or something since I had been pierced there before, but no dice. I was a little bitter about it, but I understand why they require id every time. And I can't fault them for doing what any good shop should do. Still, the time and money spent on the little adventure with no reward left me feeling pretty bummed. We left, very much disappointed, and I proceeded to fill the aching hole in my heart with a massive sugary donut.

A week later, I returned well prepared! This was happening, one way or another. I consulted with the girl at the counter (whose name, regrettably, I still haven't gotten. I'm a jerk 'cause she is so sweet and helpful), signed the paperwork, and then took a seat to wait. Naturally, time crawled by as slowly as possible and I did my best not to psyche myself out. It was a Friday afternoon, and the shop thankfully was not too busy, so the wait really wasn't that long. Before I knew it, I was getting ushered into the back.

Can I just say, I am SO glad that Jameson ended up being the one to pierce me? He is one of the coolest dudes and definitely knows how to put you at ease about the fact that you are about to be poked with a laser cut steel instrument. We cracked jokes and chatted while I sat in the chair and got my nose marked up. That took a while because, apparently, I have a deviated septum! Oops, I'd never known or even considered the chance. Fortunately mine isn't too bad or anything, but he wanted to be extra careful about the placement so that I'd have the best chance at everything being straight.

Once I was laying down with my head back ready to get a needle shoved in my face, we got some deep breaths going and it was about to happen. Feeling around one last time, Jameson said there was a small chance that he might have to nick the cartilage on one side for it to be straight. And then tried to tell me it wouldn't hurt or anything though. LIES. Way to make me more nervous haha. But it was too late for backing out, so. Biiiiig breath, and out. "Wait, is it over?" I had barely felt the needle. No cartilage nicked, no pain, just a little expected watering of the eyes. I was relieved that it hadn't hurt at all, and beyond stoked that it looked so good. He'd talked me into letting it heal with a 16g retainer, which I'm glad for because it healed beautifully and having it flipped up was easy. We finished up business and I hooked him up with a fat tip. He probably thought I was crazy, but y'know, hey, I think too many great piercers don't get enough recognition when they do awesome work.

Yesterday marked 8 weeks of having my septum pierced, and I'm so pleased with it. Healing and aftercare business was super smooth, virtually no problems. I've got a dainty little cbb in it now that looks super cute, and I'm wondering what I should get next. Whatever it is, I will definitely be going back to Body Manipulations. ;]


submitted by: pandrogyny
on: 17 April 2011
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Jameson
Studio: Body Manipulations
Location: San Francisco, CA

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