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Ear Stretching Journey

My stretching journey started when I was 10 years old, one day while playing in the local park I saw the owner of the local piercing shop and was mesmerized by his 2" ears, it was then that i new what i wanted.

The next day i went down to "cosmetics plus" with my brother and purchased five 14g CBR's, and since i didn't know anything about stretching i assumed that i would be able to stretch just by putting many small gauge rings into the same hole. After about a month i had managed to get them all in and i was off to get 5mm plug, when i got home with the plug I realized that my ears weren't quite there, so back to cosmetics we went to get a taper. we bought the taper and went to the food court to get some lunch, as we ate my brother turns around with the taper in his hand and says "okay, lets do this" pins me down and rams this close to 5mm taper in my ear,it burned like the worst pain i had ever felt. After about two days my ear was riddled with infection and i had given up on my stretching dream.

After about 6 months i was convinced that i wanted to to start again, so i did, but this time i did my research, and had promised to never skip sizes again, this time round i had a new goal size of 10mm and this time i wanted to stretch both ears, so i went down to the piercing shop and got my lobes pierced by the same man a saw nearly a year ago, and purchased a concave taper kit.

Once i reached my goal i still thought that my ears looked small so i went up to 12mm, i stayed here for about 3 months but my ears started to stretch on there own, so by the start of the 8th grade i had a nice pair of 16mm plugs.

my ears stayed at 16mm for some time until i went on a school trip to japan. the history of the Japanese tattoo and body modification culture intrigued me, and when we stayed in Harajuku in Tokyo i spent most of my time exploring underground arcades and malls, on our last day in Harajuku i stumbled upon a tattoo shop were i found a nice pair of carved bone plugs with a cool lotus design, so i got them, and put them in right in the shop.

My ears stayed the same for some time and i was convinced that i was never going to go any bigger, but then I made a new friend called karl. when we first met he was amazed by the thickness of my lobes. Hehimself had quite large ears at about 36mm, he persisted for a few months,saying that it would be a waste of potential, so I eventually caved and realized that I wanted lobes as big as him, bigger maybe, he also introduced me the the stretching method of taping.

I started taping my plugs with electrical tape, doing 1 or 2 wraps every 2 days and before I new it I was at 20mm,i had been given a 22mm and 24mm taper, so once my ears was settled at 20mm i put the taper in my left ear, this time for some reason the stretch hurt like hell, and 3 weeks later I had gotten my first minor blow out ,but after about a month of bio oil treatment it was gone, by about now I had realized that tapers are truly the devil and decided to only tape my ears, so instead of using the taper I had been given I taped up to 24mm.

Once again I was sure I was going to stop so I went into Brisbane to invest in some nice plugs, so I ended up buying a pair of industrial strength double flare steel tunnels,the plugs had quite a huge flare so putting them in was a bit tricky, but okay, taking them out was the problem, on the way out the flare cut a huge slice out of my ear, lucky it wasn't as bad as it looked and healed without a scar,and I was back on my way. My new plugs really didn't last long because after anout 2 months my plugs looked small, I had caught the bug and wanted to go bigger.

I have continued taping my ears with electrical tape and now I am 16 years old and my right ear is at 44mm and my left ear is at 36mm, I have a short term goal of 2" and have a nice pair of goal size plugs, but one day hope to get to 3".

Thanks for reading, and I hope I have helped some people with my "what not to do" stories.

Also if anyone is interested I post stretching videos on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/MrTaylorStretch


submitted by: MrTaylorStretch
on: 12 April 2011
in Ear Stretching (past 1/2")

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Friday, October 21, 2011 @4:53 p.m.
I'm not going to lie. I am EXTREMELY jealous of how large you've been able to stretch at such a young age. I'm 18 and have been stretching for 5 years and am only at 32 millimeters.
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 @12:13 a.m.
just a heads up man, try teflon tape its alot cleaner and easier to work with. ive used it the past 4 years.im at 38mm..and tapers are the devil lol
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:03 p.m.
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