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Meeting Body Modification Master Steve Haworth

(When reading please keep in mind I'm writing this in my 3rd language…)

I've been desiring to add to my existing piercing skill set by delving deeper into the body modification world for quite a while now.

After spending hours upon hours researching hot body mod topics online, like 'branding' 'scarification' 'genital beading' 'implants' one name which kept coming up time & time again was 'Steve Haworth' (www.stevehaworth.com ). When I then also watched the DVD 'Modify' I was convinced that my research findings were right to point him out to me as someone in the body mod industry whose skills are worldwide renowned, respected & recognized as being pioneering.

Looking through his past online diary schedules I gathered that he did often venture into Europe & as well as being available for his body modifying services, he also often lead body mod workshops. I casually enquired via his website whether he had any European workshops scheduled in the near future. Imagine my delight when his assistant Jenna replied the very next day to inform me that within 6 weeks he was venturing into Poland where he'd be leading several body mod seminars/ workshops!

Even before finding out the precise content – topics of the workshops, I decided I simply had to attend all of them & set about selling half my possessions on Ebay to raise the cash needed for such an educational adventure.

The workshops offered were: Laser Branding, Creating Magnetic Fingertips, Surface to Surface Piercings & Genital Beading. Though I never doubted Steve's significance in this Body Mod world I'm very eager to embrace further, I was naturally apprehensive: going to just about the only European country I had never previously visited, spending 4 consecutive nights away from my husband & son for the very first time, going onto workshops which were not attended previously & therefore not recommended to me by any-one I personally know.

The first topic Steve covered was 'successful Surface to Surface Piercing'. This was the topic I had been least interested in, after all: I am a professional body piercer & I was taught surface to surface piercing techniques during my piercing apprenticeship. I only signed up for it because I had been feeling quite frustrated with the low success rate reported back to me by my clients, even those whose surface piercings were performed by much more seasoned piercers than myself. Steve's seminar was comprehensive, informative on every level. I feel I now 'understand' surface to surface piercing much better. It instantly showed me that my small leap of faith by flying to Poland was going to work out well for me with regards to the knowledge I was about to gain over the weekend.

The genital beading & magnetic fingertip creation workshops were again thoroughly explained. Steve is generous & completely open, using easily understood terminology to any professional body piercer. He simply wholeheartedly passes on his wealth of knowledge gained from the pioneering trial & error stages and from literally performing thousands of successful procedures once he had discovered how to perfect those ground-breaking body modifications for his clients.

The laser branding seminar again was all-inclusive & easy to understand. For me it's the only procedure I don't yet feel comfortable to perform on clients. Not because of Steve's teaching, but because it requires me mastering a powerful laser branding unit I have yet to purchase. (on that note: if you're interested in having a lot of branding done, I'm willing to work out a mutually & equally beneficial arrangement for any-one able to give me the funds I need to purchase such a unit, please private message me for details)

After purchasing a unit as recommended to me by Steve, I'll be spending quite some time putting Steve's teachings to practise using pig skin. This simply because each laser branding machine is unique & it wouldn't be responsible for any-one to move onto human skin until one has mastered their own laser branding unit. Once I feel confident my markings on pigskin have the desired outcome, I will, as I did with my very first piercing clients, offer my laser branding services for free/ at a significantly reduced cost until I'm totally confident I'm at a level at which I feel justified charging clients the going rates for laser branding skin art. The above covers all the workshops I had signed up for & as is clear from my writings: all of them delivered. However, I got to experience so much more by assisting & witnessing Steve while he suspended his gorgeous girlfriend Mandi. I think Mandi's suspension, master minded by Steve, was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed between 2 people who love each other - it was an honour to assist. For this purpose I also got to attend a suspension seminar by one of Steve's suspension peers & great friend: Hava. I also loved meeting Hava, an individual who totally is what you would expect any Steve Haworth personal friend to be: interesting, charming & entirely skilful at what he does.

I also got to witness 2 magnetic fingertip creations & assist Steve with 1 (but more on that at a later date, in a separate essay - once the magnet has settled, I want to write about the 1 insertion I merely witnessed: my own magnetic fingertip creation!)

To finish this write up about my 'Steve Haworth experience': I'd like to thank Steve for being a really nice person. When he & his adorable girlfriend Mandi figured out I was the only non Polish workshop attendee & that I was also separated from my hubby & son for the first time in 6 years, they graciously took me under their wings & invited me to share their delightful company at every opportunity. I could have had many lonely meals & evenings stuck in a hotel room all by myself. Their kindness outside of the workshops made my experience a lot easier & pleasant than it could have been.

Will I ever visit Poland again?

In a heartbeat: every single time my personal circumstances allow it & Steve Haworth is there to lead his seminars/ workshops on topics I have yet to have the fortune to attend. I totally unreservedly recommend Steve's workshops to any professional body mod artist looking to be guided by a true body modification master.

Sofie Day Belgian body piercer (slowly emerging body mod artist) living in London/ United Kingdom www.yokoink.biz www.skillpages.com/yokoink


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