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whoopdedo a bridge

So this is the story of my bridge piercing. It starts in January of 2010. I had just gotten my first piercings [nips] and started my journey with the needle. I became infatuated with piercing, soaking up any information I could, and spending LOTS of time on BME. In January I had my nipples done and soon after my vertical philtrum and inversed vertical labret. I knew what the next step was in completing my facial project: The Bridge.

Well, after about 2 & 1/2 months, a best friend, Rachel, surprised us all with a visit. She had been gone a whole year and we all missed her violently [not joking, i still have bruises from the hugfest when she walked into the room]. My birthday was a month away at the time. Since this was waaaaay more important than any birthday of mine [im turning 19 and what's so special about that?] I asked my father for an advance on some birthday moneys. I was handed a $150 check the next day. I had to wait for the banks to open on Monday to cash it. I put $20 in my savings account and then got gas and smokes. It didn't even feel real. Was I really gonna go do this? ...Hell yes, I was! So Rachel got to my house and we giggled and oooh'd and aahhh'd just over the idea.

Needless to say, I sped down the road to TRX Tattoos & Piercing, home of the only piercer I will ever go to, Courtney. We got there, said hi the counter boys [who are really entertaining and just plain ridiculous, if ya ask me] and told Dustin we would like a pair of bridge piercings. This is not a totally uncommon piercing [though I've never seen one in person in my hometown] and he got us the paperwork without gawking. Courtney came out of the shotgun-style sterile room and greeted us. She measured our bridges after hearing what we wanted and picked out our implant-grade 14g straight barbells.

And we waited.... and waited, for what seemed like a lifetime to me. It wasn't such a busy day, but I was aching for this piercing. So, as Rachel and I were dancing around the shop, listening to Rammstein to get pumped, Courtney called us back.

This is when the ritual starts for me. The piercing room is my favourite place to be. It's like home. Courtney told us of the risks and how to care for this piercing, keeping in mind that this is a very oily part of your face so we should keep a close eye on them for bumps and such. She asked which one of us would go first. Rachel couldn't care less so I let her go first, saying that I wanted to watch before mine was done. I took lots of pictures as Courtney marked Rachel. She took about ten minutes to mark it, asking Rachel to put her glasses on and off to make sure they wouldn't interfere with the piercing. I sang and danced to keep Rachel's mind off the needle. I don't think she needed it, we both like our focus to be on the procedure, but I did anyways, probably to calm my own nerves. She checked Courtney's marks, nodded, and hopped back up onto the table. The needle came out and Courtney lined up. I snapped photos as Rachel was told to breathe in deep and then exhale. As soon as the needle was through, Courtney was already doing the jewelry transfer. I was kinda sad I didn't get a picture of Rachel's needle shot =[ She was cleaned off and told to check it out. She was ecstatic. It looked beautiful. More photos were taken and then it was my turn.

I asked Courtney for a moment between the needle/jewelry transfer so I could get a picture and she nodded in approval. I hopped onto the table were Rachel had been sitting as she told me that it really didn't hurt at all. Courtney marked me, which was a speedy procedure [at least to me] and told me to check it out. I gave her the thumbs up and smiled. The needle was reached for and I noted how nervous I was. She lined up the needle. At this point, I was so nervous I actually told Courtney I was staring at her boobies. She laughed and said, "Yup." I'm really glad Courtney understands. "Breathe in, and...... out."

Boom. I feel the needle poke through the first layer of skin. No pinching, no stinging, no nothing. I couldn't even feel the needle while it was in the middle of my bridge. I exhaled again as she made sure of her lining and out popped the needle on the other side of my bridge. She told me to very carefully open my eyes as Rachel snapped a photo [which can be found in the gallery now] and then closed them again for the jewelry transfer. Courtney beckoned Rachel over to see the needle and pointed out the fatty deposit than had come out with it [I love my piercer!] The transfer wasn't even uncomfortable. I didn't feel a thing. My ball was screwed on and I was cleaned off. I checked it out. My god.... I couldn't ask for a more perfect bridge piercing. My bar is still long as all hell, but this is because Courtney knows I swell a lot instantly [from piercing my lip twice]. See how awesome she is at her job? As we were leaving the shop I started getting a headache. I had half expected this from reading experiences on BME. When we got to our friend, Devon's, house the headache was roaring. It felt like someone smacked my eyes. There was a pain all around my eye sockets and to my temples. I asked Devon for two ibuprofen and some ice. I downed the pills and iced my piercing. Twenty minutes later, I was completely fine.

It'll be three weeks on April 19th [It's the 16th today] and it's been an awesome healing process thus far. I found that putting my sea salt water in a spray bottle and squirting the piercing is the most convenient way to soak it. There's been no redness, minimal swelling, and it doesn't even hurt when my glasses bump it. I bumped it about a week ago while I was half asleep. When I woke up it had some dry blood and mad crusties, but nothing close to being alarming. I soaked it and it looked fine. It's still doing amazing. It had already "looked" healed at one week. I went back to TRX to talk to Courtney about some anti-eyebrows about three days ago and I showed her the bridge. She shook her head and noted how she hates how well I heal. She praised me for taking such good care of my piercings as we talked about the anti-brows and even marked my face up to make sure they would be possible. When I go to get my anti-brows, I'm going to get my barbell downsized. There's about a quarter inch of barbell showing, so I'm really excited to get a nice snug piece of jewelry.

If you're thinking about the bridge piercing, DO IT. These piercings are easily hidden by glasses [get yourself some fake ones if you don't already wear real ones] and it really brings attention to your eyes. I'm half Filipino and since I got it done, you can totally tell I'm Asain [which is what I wanted!] Just make sure you go to a piercer that has done this piercing before more than once! The lining is very difficult. Mine looks crooked when you line it up with my nose [my bridge and nose aren't lined together] but if you take my nose outta the picture, it's PERFECTLY lined up with my eyes. And the crookedness is hardly noticable. It looks damn right amazing. Remember to keep an eye on this piercing. This piercing has been known to reject. Also remember that if your face is oily, you might develop red bumps [this happened to Rachel] if you don't do sea salt soaks religiously when you wake up and before you go to bed. Since I've been getting pierced, I've learned to listen to my body. When it tells me to, I soak it, thus: Awesome healing process and my piercing looks and feels amazing. I hope I never have to take it out. Especially since this piercing can leave noticable scars. I love my bridge and everyone at TRX. If you're in Saint Louis, MO drop by to give them a visit!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2011
in Bridge Piercings

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