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Vertical Industrial Explosion!!

Firstly I should point out that (despite the title) my industrial piercing did not explode, it just looked like it had!

My 28 year old friend finally decided that after 10 years of wanting it she was going to get her tongue pierced. I went with her having been through the experience and tried to calm her nerves. She was so nervous that the only thing I could do was get a piercing myself (shame...not!) to prove it was nothing! After a few moments contemplation I decided to go for a vertical industrial through my helix & conch.

So I went first & after examining my ear the piercer told me maybe the best option was to go through my rook...having had my rook pierced on the other side I wasn't so keen as I found it pretty sore! Reluctantly I agreed though as I knew it would look way more awesome this way!

3 needles, lots of pain & a photograph later I have my piercing and needless to say I love it and it's awesome. My friend gets hers done, all is well and we head home. That night we have a few drinks to celebrate, 5 drinks hardly gets me drunk and my piercing, although sore, was not swollen or bleeding. After my drinks I head home for a good nights sleep ready to start work at 3pm the next day. Next morning I wake up having made sure I slept on my opposite side to my piercing, the pain is still pretty intense but I didn't expect anything less so I pop a pain killer and head to work. For 7 hours I work my shift until 10pm comes around and suddenly things take on a bad turn!!!

Sitting at my desk I feel a tickle in my ear, I reach up to itch it and pull a blood covered hand away from my ear! I rush to the bathroom and check the mirror. The bottom hole of the rook part has been bleeding and has trickled down my ear to my lobe but it seems to have stopped and dried up at this point. I finish work at 11 and head to my local to show my friend with the tongue piercing. As we are smoking outside it starts to bleed again and this is when the trouble starts. It begins to bleed slowly at first but is continuous. We head to the toilets to clean it up and pull a loose clot out (at this point we both feel a little grossed out) it subsides again for about 15 minutes then starts up. My friend takes me upstairs (she owns the pub) and starts cleaning it and won't let me look in the mirror. After about 45 minutes of mopping and dabbing it seems to be slowing down and almost stopping. An hour later I head home desperate to sleep. I try to lie down but a constant trickle of blood keeps me awake and severely frustrated!! After no sleep, no food, a continuous & and at some points fairly heavy blood flow I start to feel a little unwell by about 6am the next morning (8 hours after bleeding started) and start to google bleeding piercings to see if I can find any advice (a few examples but nothing really the same as my experience). At 10am I call the piercing place and they advise me that it is not uncommon and I just need to keep it clean, not knock it and maybe put a bit of pressure on it!

At about 10.30am one of the girls I live with has come to check on me and we are chatting when all of a sudden my ear seemingly explodes with blood. It is now bleeding at a rate which is so fast I can not clean it quick enough before it is flowing down my neck. All I can do is get a thick amount of tissue, hold it over my ear and locate a first aider to assist me!! My boss (I live in staff accomodation) comes to my resuce with some moist wipes and gloves. she cleans up the blood and locates a thick clot behind the bar which is extremely awkward to get out. She manages to dislodge the clot and get it out, at which point the hole miraculously stops bleeding! I breathe a sigh of relief and go about cleaning up the carnage in my room (cotton buds & wool & tissue & blood). After an hour I think I'm outta the woods, home & dry... Wrong. Slowly at first but surely the trickle starts again. After a tear or 2 of frustration I set about mopping it and clearing it. I eventually have to venture into town at about 2pm to eat as I'm starving hungry so I stuff some cotton wool in my ear and head outside. I pop into boots and as expected the pharmacist informs me there is nothing she or a doctor would be able to do. My only available course of action is to keep it clean and try not to fiddle with it (it's kinda hard to keep it clean without fiddling with it!). I drop by my friend in the pub on my way home for a chat and comforting. Then off it goes again, streaming down my ear & neck continuously. By this point in time it is pretty worrying & I start to wonder if it will ever stop! I head home about half 3 and the flow of blood has calmed a bit but is still continuous. I drift in and out of sleep while holding a cotton wool ball in my ear and watching kids tv. At about 7pm I call in on the girl next door for a girly chat whilst holding the cotton wool in my ear still and changing it approx every 15 minutes.

Finally I am so used to the blood that I barely notice that I am holding cotton wool in my ear and at 9pm decide to give it another clean and settle down to watch a TV programme. That's when I look in the mirror and realise...the blood has stopped, it's all dry, the cotton wool ball has next to no blood on it. I try hard not to get my hopes up, pop some fresh cotton wool in my ear and settle down to watch my tv programme. An hour later the programme finishes, I cautiously check on my ear and to my great relief the bleeding has stopped, the cotton wool is clean and it looks like I may be through the worst of it. I try not to be too optimistic after my earlier celebrations at the 1 hour pause in bleeding. By 11pm there is still no sign of blood and having been awake for approximately 35 hours with the odd half an hour snooze here and there I finally decide to risk sleeping!

It is now 5.15pm the following day. I slept well and have not seen a drop of blood since 9pm last night! I cautiously cleaned the piercing before work and have been very delicate and checked it regularly throughout the day. I am not going to say it has stopped forever but it has not bled for 18 hours now which is positive I hope.

The worst thing about this experience was not the blood, there was no pain & I didn't have to work so that was no issue. It was not knowing why it was bleeding or when it would stop. I have researched many different reasons as to why it may have happedned, a severed capillary or vessel, alcohol consumption, painkillers...I don't know for sure and probably never will. When I spoke to my piercer he said it should stop withing a couple of hours, it bled for 23 hours practically non-stop! It is pretty scary and it makes you pretty paranoid about wether or not it's guna start up again. However I think I am through the worst of it now and at least I have experienced it and can add it to my list of body mod problems I can advise on!


submitted by: Tallula_Berlison
on: 21 March 2011
in Industrials and Orbitals

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