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Finally got an industrial.

For a little over a year, I have been wanting an industrial piercing. I was afraid that I would not be able to get one since I have small ears. I have read online some ears are not suited for Industrial piercing cause they are too small, some parts of the ear sticks out or whatever. BUT after a year of wanting one I got up the money, and courage, to get one.

I went to a place called Lucky Draw Tattoos. My friend had recently gotten a tattoo from them, so I thought it was a good place to go. Ena, my piercer, called me back, got everything out, new I might add, and was ready to go. She used the tube, sorry I don’t know the name, but the tube and hollow needle to pierce my ear.

I have to admit, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The first hole (at the very top) hurt a little, but the second one not so much. She used just one needle to go through both holes. I bled only a little, and she put the jewelry in and it was over. She told me how to care for my ear: Use saline solution on it 3 times a day. If I see blood use a tiny bit of peroxide to clean it off, but don’t use it much as it will slow healing down. Clean it with anti bacterial soap in the shower, and above all, LEAVE IT ALONE.

All went well, until 2 days later. My bottom hole started to bleed and would not stop! I was looking online trying to find something that would stop the bleeding and no luck. I called the shop when they opened, but Ena was not there. So the next day, still bleeding, I call back. Ena says it has never happened before to one of the people she’s pierced, so she didn’t know what would be causing it. She said if I bumped it, that might be why it’s bleeding, but I was super careful not to bump it.

So I call another shop and they tell me to come in. They end up saying that the bar is not long enough for the healing process. The blood does not have anywhere else to go, so it’s just coming out instead of circulating.... something like that. They said to go back and tell the girl to put in another bigger bar, that if they do it, they will have to charge me $65.

So I go back and tell Ena what they said, she looks and says now that she looks at it, she should have made it a bigger bar. Well, she asked me about putting in hoops for a few weeks instead of a bigger bar. Now I have read online that sometimes using hoops can cause the holes not to be lined up right, so I was kind of scared to use them, BUT I agreed to it. On the upper hole, she used a C shaped ring, and on the lower hole she used a regular hoop (size14 of course), and the bleeding finally stopped! She told me to wait till it has been 4 weeks since I got it pierced and she will change it to a bar and give it to me for free since she messed up.

I was so nervous thinking that the holes would mess up and not be right for the bar, but I went on cleaning like I always have. The swelling and pain went away within a week or so after I got the hoops in. the only pain that lasted is when I'm messing with it like cleaning it. But it doesn’t last long, just normal pain.

Then last week, 3 weeks after getting the piercing, I notice a nasty bump on the upper hole! I started using peroxide once a day, and cleaning it with saline 2-3 times a day, and thankfully today, one week later, it has gotten A LOT better! Still a bump there, but its smaller.

I just went today and got my bar back in. Ena had to put a small bend in the bar since my ear between the holes sticks out a little bit, just to ease the tension on my ear. And I LOVE it. You can’t even notice the bend unless it’s pointed out to you.

And yes I know it’s supposed to be bad to use peroxide on a piercing. I have read that many times before. But for me, it works great. Of course I don’t use it but once a day, and my ear is healing great.

If you are wanting to get an industrial piercing but not sure if your ear is fitted for it, go see a piercer and ask them. My piercer said that everyone can get one, its just all about placement.


submitted by: fadedpicture
on: 11 March 2011
in Industrials and Orbitals

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