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Tragus FAIL

I've always wanted a tragus piercing ever since I first saw my cousin sporting one. It was a unique, but still classy. I just HAD to have one.

When I was sixteen, I finally got my wish. My best friend and I were scouting places for her to get a new tattoo (she was eighteen). She finally found a place that she liked. It had an illustrious mural on the outside of famous painters and musicians, and it had some of their quotes. There was a giant clothing shop filled with cute shirts and bikinis. I figured I could check out the shop while my friend was getting inked. The inside was filled up with eccentric artwork. Above the cash register, there was a painting of Andy Warhol with the quote "Art is anything you can get away with."

We found the receptionist at the front of the store, and told her we were there for a tattoo. It took her about ten minutes to find the tattoo artist because she was busy helping a girl who couldn't decide between a 'small' or a 'medium' shirt. We should have seen this as a red flag, since the store cared more about the clothing store than the actual tattoo portion of the shop. While we were waiting, I found a beautiful portrait of Marilyn Monroe overlooking New York City. I bought it for my sister, who is obsessed with Marilyn.

The artist finally emerged, and introduced himself as Bryce. He brought us to the back of the store where they did the tattoos. My friend looked through a couple of books trying to find a design she liked. I noticed Bryce had a tragus piercing, and complimented it. I told him how I always wanted one, and he said he could pierce it while my friend was looking through the design books. I told him I was only sixteen, but he said if I paid a little more I could get it done. I should have seen this as ANOTHER red flag, but I didn't care. I really wanted the piercing.

Bryce said he wasn't the person who did the piercings, and went to go get the person who did. He brought back the girl from the front of the store who took forever to wait on us. She didn't look happy to be bothered.

I wasn't really nervous, I have thirteen other piercings so this one was no different to me. I always think the clamps are the worst part. The initial piercing wasn't painful, but it did make this gross popping sound that made me jump. This made my friend laugh. When the piercer tried to put in the jewelry, she realized she had used the wrong size needle. She had to re do it with a different size, which hurt. A lot. Bryce felt bad about this, so I only had to pay twenty bucks.

When my friend and I left the parlor, my ear was throbbing. I checked it in the mirror, and it was swollen pretty badly. I ignored this, and we drove on home.

The next day, I had a terrible migraine. My entire ear was swollen twice it's size, and it was incredibly red. I poked my tragus with a q tip, and a ton of blood came out. It didn't look infected, so I figured I must have slept on it.

Two weeks later, the skin on my ear had healed over the jewelry. My mom told me I had to go to a doctor to get it removed. I went to a dermatologist, and he said it would be a simple procedure to remove it. My mom was angry that a fifty dollar piercing cost a thousand dollars to remove. The doctor took a scalpel and made a small incision in the front of my ear near my tragus. Then, he took some tweezers and simply pulled it out. There was no anesthesia involved, and I won't lie, it hurt. The numbing cream they used was really weak, so it didn't help much. They put me on antibiotics for a month to keep away any other infections. When it finally healed, I had a small white scar, but it's hardly noticeable.

I talked to my friend about my piercing issues, and she informed me she had tattoo troubles as well. She had gotten such a bad infection that it distorted the tattoo. Her Celtic cross design wasn't as detailed as it was before, and the lines were jumbled together and faded a bit. She wants to get a cover up sometime in the future, but after this experience, she is very scared to do so.

I hope to get another tragus piercing, because I simply love the way they look, and I don't want to let this terrible experience deter me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Feb. 2011
in Tragus Piercing

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